Chapter 2582 Mourning The Dead (3)

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Yun Yanli did not move at first. His mind was filled with regret as he contemplated what he had done. Shortly after, he closed his eyes and finally cried, staining his robes with tears. A man would not usually cry unless he was deeply saddened. Hence, his action clearly portrayed how he felt.

The man in black did not look pleased. Years of his efforts had gone to waste in the blink of an eye.He watched in disbelief as Yun Yanli took his parents’ lives without turning himself into the killing machine that he had wanted him to be.

It was impossible! He had been working on building and channeling the immense source of resentment for years. How could their grudge be purified so easily? Furthermore, the corpses were basically invulnerable to all forms of weapons or spells. Why would they die from one small stab from Yun Yanli? It did not make any sense. What was the weapon that Yun Yanli had just used? How could it be so powerful?

The man in black was still absorbed in utter astonishment that he could hardly stay calm, even though he should be focusing on his battle with Di Fuyi. Their spiritual power and Kung Fu were about equal, so it was nip and tuck all the way until the man finally made a careless move as a result of his absent-mindedness. Di Fuyi struck him in the chest and pushed him back a few steps. He almost slipped off the back of the Candle Dragon.

In an attempt to prevent itself from being hurt, the dragon quickly ascended a few feet to distance itself from Di Fuyi. The man in black did not quickly rush back into the battle withDi Fuyi. Instead, his eyes were fixed on the golden blade. It was certainly an odd weapon anddid not look entirely like a blade. More accurately, it was a golden ruler with very sharp edges.

The ruler did ring a bell. Gu Xijiu once briefly showed it to him before. He was not interested in any sort of weapons back then, so he did not ask anything further about the ruler’s features. Today, it turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for the man.

“How did the weapon end up in your hand?” The man in black questioned Yun Yanli.

However, the man remained seated on the ground, completely unresponsive.

Gu Xijiu stepped in and answered for him, “He has always been the true owner of the golden ruler. I have merely returned the ruler to him.”

Their friendship was built from the acquisition of the golden ruler when they worked together to retrieve it. Since their friendship had ended, the ruler was thus returned to him.

The golden ruler had the special ability to purify any forms of evil power or spirits. With Di Fuyi’s guidance, the power of the golden ruler was maximized to its greatest extent, leading to its ability to overpower the evil grievances in the skeleton figures from before.

With the disappearance of the two corpses, the eight vicious beasts had lost their spiritual support and slowly disappeared as well. A great disaster was dissolved with ease.

The man in black had fled. He was nowhere to be seen. In order to prevent Di Fuyi from going after him, he had to summon 3,000 soldiers and turn them into wild killing machines. These soldiers immediately started attacking the common people without any hesitation.

It was a very surprising move. The team had not seen the massacre coming, so it took them a moment to rush to stop the soldiers from killing the innocent. Di Fuyi came up with a way to snap them out of the spell that the man in black had placed on him. He started playing a calming recital with his flute, and their senses returned to them shortly after. They had no idea what just happened or what they had been doing. However, their deployment was mainly to buy the man in black enough time to escape.

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