Chapter 2575 A Different Reunion

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Just when the people were getting uneasy, a song seemed to be coming from the sky. The voice of the singer was lovely and magnetic. It almost seemed as though an angel was singing. What was unique was the fact that this voice was being accompanied by a musical instrument that played along in perfect unison. It was so beautiful as it echoed in everyone’s ears.

The crowd quickly looked to the direction of the singer and saw Gu Xijiu standing on a boulder. Her voice really harmonized so well with the lute to the point where the crowd was so mesmerized and immersed in their song.

Many people looked at Gu Xijiu in awe. Most of them did not know that she had such a pleasant voice. Furthermore, her ability to perform together with Di Fuyi made them seem like a perfect match.

Zhu Duqing could tell that their combined efforts had overshadowed his instrument. The beasts clearly became less and less violent. In fact, they soon disappeared. The crowd was certainly relieved to see it. Nonetheless, just when they thought the danger had passed, the man in black suddenly let out a loud sound that shook the earth.

It felt as though the place was suffering from an earthquake. The people on the ground could barely stay on their feet.

Furthermore, there was a terrifying roar coming from deep underground. The roar was petrifying because it sounded as though the creature had been suffering for years but had finally escaped.

Yun Yanli was standing there in a daze. He seemed to have lost his mind and soul. However, after hearing the screams from the underground, his facial expression changed! After a moment, he suddenly dug violently into the soil under his feet.

“Master!? Master!?” The young palace owner was shocked and wanted to get through to the man.

Yun Yanli seemed to be trembling. His arm was still bleeding, but he could not stop digging.

“Ahh!!! Ahh!!!” The sound from the ground was getting louder, and the magnitude of the quake seemed to be growing. Oddly enough, there seemed to be turbulencein the sky as well as dark clouds emerged to cover the sky. It seemed as though a massive disaster was approaching.

Di Fuyi frowned. He carried Gu Xijiu and took a few steps back. “Quickly, stay ten feet away from this spot!”

“Boom!” A loud noise was heard, and a vast chasm suddenly appeared on the ground.

A pair of skeleton-like bodies rose from the ground. The two men seemed to be attached to one another, with eight cold chains running through their cheekbones and wrapped around their bodies at various angles. The condition of their faces was awful to the point where it was almost impossible to distinguish their genders. Perhaps, these people had been badly tortured.

They were mourning in pain, and their sounds seemed to trigger the eight beasts again that had disappeared earlier.

Gu Xijiu had a feeling that these two people looked very familiar to her. When she was pondering the identity of these people, she suddenly heard Yun Yanli scream frantically, “Father! Mother! ”

Gu Xijiu was shocked! Were these two people the old Emperor Immortal and Queen?”

Yun Yanli rushed forward without any care or concern for his safety!

Fortunately, Di Fuyi lifted his arm and pulled him back. “Don’t! You’ll be going to your death!”

Yun Yanli ‘s eyes were red while his entire body was shaking. “That is my father and mother!”

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