Chapter 2571 The Culprit Behind The Scenes (2)

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The whistling was getting nearer and nearer, and suddenly, a long black shadow flashed in the sky just next to Zhu Duqing. Along with the appearance of this black shadow, the people noticed their surroundings abruptly darken. Oddly though, the shadowy figure seemed to be shining. The scales on its body were black and translucent. In addition, it had a horn on its head that looked like a pearl. It was a candle dragon!

Gu Xijiu’s heart sank as she recognized it. Meanwhile, the candle dragon rolled around in the air, while Zhu Duqing stood on it. In the brief moment that the shadow appeared, the man had changed his attire from adark green robe to a black robe. There seemed to be stars studded on his black robes, which made him look like the starry night sky. With the candle dragon under his feet, it really looked like a powerful illusion.

Just moments ago, the crowd wanted to tear off his skin. But now, everyone was frightened to the point where their legs were soft. In fact, they all involuntarily felt like bowing to him. Some were on their knees and could not emerge.

Who was he!? How could he have such a strong aura? Zhu Duqing, who appeared in front of Gu Xijiu, had always covered his true appearance and character. There were times where he was a bit arrogant, and even times where he was a bit hilarious. However, now that he had taken off his disguise, the previous temperaments were all gone. He no longer masked his true appearance either.

The people noticed that the man had long black hair that was covered by a black feather-like jade crown. However, perhaps because he was too far away, the people here could not see his face clearly. Nonetheless, they certainly felt his aura and believed he must be someone with noble status.

He stood elegantly on the back of the candle dragon and looked down on the people. It was like watching the ants swaying in the mud. He certainly looked very proud while standing over the people.In the square, the eight evil beasts had completely surrounded everyone and were advancing to the center of the square.

“What should we do, master?” The young palace master tightly pulled on one of Yun Yanli’s sleeves. She and her subordinates were trapped as well.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Yun Yanli had lost himself and was staring into the abyss. He just stood there and did not respond or move. The young palace master had to pull him away from a fireball that was headed his way. He would surely have been burnt badly if she had not done so.

“Yun Yanli, the big pots were set here by you. Do you know of any way we can escape?” Di Fuyi finally spoke to the man.

Yun Yanli finally raised his head and looked at his enemy, who had clearly defeated him. “Why should I tell you?!”

“Do you care about the safety of these people?” Di Fuyi sounded cold.

“They turned against me. Why should I care about them?” Yun Yanli refuted.

“What about your subordinates who have stayed by your side all the time? Don’t you care about them?”

Yun Yanli hesitated but replied nonetheless. “They…they have betrayed me…” He was apparently not able to finish his sentence.

Di Fuyi glared at him but did not speak further.

Yun Yanli did not appreciate his attitude and angrily said, “They betrayed me. Should I forgive them and save them?!”

Di Fuyi still did not speak. However, the cries from the surrounding people were getting louder and more desperate. Anyone with compassion would certainly struggle to listen to it and not help.

Yun Yanli’s face was still pale while he still kept his fingers in his sleeves.The person who came to him in his dreams had him how to set up this array. He had only learned how to ignite the flame. He never thought that there would be fierce beasts running out of these copper pots.

In all honesty, he did not know what to do. He was powerless. He looked around him and heard a cry in the crowd from a child. He watched as the child was caught in some yellow sand and was swallowed alive.

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