Chapter 2565 The Battle (3)

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“That is right; we want the truth! We do not want our people to be used and exploited.”

“True! We only showed our loyalty to the governor because we thought he was the savior of the Shura World. However, it seems he does not really want to help us!”

“The people you have asked us to kill are not the people from the Devil Kingdom. Instead, they are ours!” Some braves ones chimed in. All of them had been through a lot.

Soon, more than half of Yun Yanli’s troops had been divided. More and more became dissatisfied and slowly joined the resistance.

Many of them were the elites from some of the local clans in the Shura World. The catastrophic events in the Shura World had caused many of them to lose their loved ones. Some had even watched as their entire family or clan died before their eyes. They really wanted to know the truth behind all the chaos.

The truth was clear enough for everyone to see. Those who accepted it would no longer follow Yun Yanli.No matter how persuasive the young palace master was, the situation was now beyond repair. These men were supposed to be in the frontline to take down Feng Ruhuo and her men. Instead, they had switched sides at this critical moment.

Yun Yanli’s face was as pale as a sheet.

He had worked so hard to build his reputation here over many years. Now, everything took a swift turn, and all of his efforts were in vain. He certainly had not expected Di Fuyi to be the one to foil his plans. Nonetheless, he knew that all the trust that the people had for him was gone in an instant.

He was furious, but he was still adamant about taking down Di Fuyi and his men.After all, the Shura World was only a piece of land for him to cultivate. He did not intend to rule the place. Moreover, he was almost done with his practice so he could leave anytime he wanted.

He still had faith in the soldiers in black that came to his aid at the last minute. Those were the ones that would be helpful to him at this moment. He was confident that they would never betray him under any circumstance.

He had trained the soldiers using a special method that he learned from the prophecies. No matter what he chose to do, they would never think twice and do exactly as told, even if he asked them to sacrifice their lives.

Despite the revelations that had just taken place, they did not join the resistance.Fortunately for Yun Yanli, these men possessed a high level of spiritual power and expertise in Kung Fu. All of them were Golden Immortals, and each of them could easily fight off a hundred or even a thousand common people.

Scornfully, Yun Yanli threw an icy look at those who decided to rebel against him. “Dark Imperial Guards, take down the rebel forces immediately,” he commanded.

“Yes!” All of the armed men in black answered in unison. Their swords were quickly drawn and aimed directly at those who rebelled against Yun Yanli.

Gu Xijiu thought that she would witness the battle between Di Fuyi and Yun Yanli before anything else happened. It was out of her expectations for Yun Yanli’s own people to turn against him.

Although these armed men in black all had their faces covered, Gu Xijiu could still tell that these men were locals from the Shura World. Logically speaking, they should be conscious enough to know that they should not be working for Yun Yanli. Therefore, Gu Xijiu predicted that they had either been brainwashed or under Yun Yanli’s control.

With this knowledge, she quickly leaped forward and grabbed one of the armed men.She needed to read his pulse to know what was really going on. Her actions were so quick that the man had not even got the chance to see what was happening. Instantly, Gu Xijiu was already sure that something was not quite right about the man.

“They are being controlled!” Gu Xijiu suddenly announced. She looked at Yun Yanli sternly as she added, “Yun Yanli, you have drugged them!”

Yun Yanli replied sarcastically, “What nonsense! I have fed them with some pills, but the pills were meant to help them improve their spiritual power, not control them.”

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