Chapter 2559 Surprisingly, He Had Become A Great Deity!

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“Please excuse me, my celestial brother. With your beautiful appearance, you will look just as charming even if you are naked. I need to borrow all of your clothes from you. Please consider this as an act of kindness for a random stranger.”

“The marriage has been arranged between your mother and I. No one else should know about it. Are you happy to have me as your fiancé?”

“You once said that rings were necessary as a sign of love between a man and a woman. When the woman agreed to be with the man, she would accept his ring. This ring is a perfect fit, made especially for you. You have not taken it off, which means you have agreed to marry me, haven’t you?”

“I do care, Celestial Master Zuo. I only want to be with you until the end of time. Just the two of us against the world.”

These images flashed by like movie scenes in her mind, overwhelming her with the acute nostalgia of their sweet past. They had been through the test of time. There were times of argument, of affection, of pain, and last but not least, of everlasting love. But everything was erased from her memory.

Nonetheless, the pain of losing him had never been forgotten. She still remembered going through the distraught of trying not to forget him. She had even carved their vows everywhere as an everlasting reminder of how much she loved him.

The name that he had always been using was Di Fuyi. Huang Tu was the name he used after becoming the Lord. He had used many identities – Di Fuyi, Celestial Master Zuo, Huang Tu, the Lord, and, most recently, Shen Nianmo. All these names belonged to the same man. It had always been him.

Through a series of flashbacks, she became more and more overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings. She stood gazing at him blankly as he levitated in the air. Should she rejoice in his rebirth? Did her loss in the past greatly sadden her? She was too emotional to tell how she actually felt.

She looked at him fixedly without even blinking, as she was afraid that he might disappear again in just a blink of an eye. She wanted to take another step closer to him but was stopped by Zhu Duqing. He needed to make sure that she stayed by his side. The corners of his mouth turned up, seemingly smiling, but contemptuously.

The man had never expected Di Fuyi to make it through the barriers and wake up just in time. After the catastrophe, he had managed to reach a higher level. Surprisingly, he had become a Great Deity! The man had bypassed becoming a Mighty Immortal and went from being a Golden Immortal to a Great Deity. How did he do that?

To be safe, Zhu Duqing quietly retreated with Gu Xijiu. Using the facial disguise technique, they looked no different than ordinary people. The way he seized Gu Xijiu in his arms was rather unique. Gu Xijiu did not look like she had been abducted. Instead, she looked like she had willingly submitted herself to her husband. People would immediately assume that they were just a loving couple from the way they embraced one another. Nothing looked suspicious.

Gu Xijiu started to panic. She certainly did not want to leave. They had yet to be united even though she had been anxiously taking care of his jade statue for so long. And now that he was finally awake, she was forced to leave. She had no other choice.

Her strength was obviously not a match for Zhu Duqing. Also, the man knew her Kung Fu moves by heart. With barely any strength left, she could not run even if she wanted to. She wobbled with uncertainty during the first few steps as she slowly moved farther and farther away from the man she loved.

Out of every person in the square, Yun Yanli was the most surprised one. He never thought that his careful plan would fail. On quite the contrary, he had even contributed to the man’s powerful return. All of his efforts were in vain. He was disappointed by the outcome but was not entirely despaired.

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