Chapter 2557 The Wedding Crisis (3)

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Yun Yanli’s men were good at tracking people and even sounds, but none of them could believe that someone actually had the guts to make such a treacherous and disrespectful remark. They failed to stop the announcement in time because as soon as they found the puppet, it had already conveyed the information.

Everyone in the square had clearly heard it, and their blood boiled with indignation. Some could no longer be bothered about the soldiers and decided to march forward.

“Governor Yun, what do you have to say about this?”

“What else can he say? He will surely deny it. He must be guilty; that is why he had to stop us from entering his residence!”

“I do not care! I must get the celestial jade statue away from the fire!”

“Put out the fire! Put it out!”

The disturbance soared.

The crowd quickly became unruly as tension continued to build. The words had utterly stirred people’s dissatisfaction with Yun Yanli. Many figures flashed by in the air, attempting to save the jade statue. Some rushed towards the stage where Yun Yanli stood and demanded a proper explanation while trying to stop him from harming the statue. Others were trying to resist the guards. The place was about to lose control.

Suddenly, a man ran toward the crowd. It was one of Yun Yanli’s men who hadto make an urgent report, “Governor, this is bad! The city gate has been breached! Many wild beasts have come into the city!”

The ground began to tremor as if 10,000 horses were galloping toward the square. Obviously, the beasts had come in a massive pack. From what they could observe, these animals were charging towards the square. Many of the citizens naturally started to run. It was utter chaos.

But where was Gu Xijiu, anyway? She was actually standing among the crowd, at a place where she could easily see the entire situation. However, she was not alone. Someone had taken control of her. Clearly, she could see everything that was happening.

It all went well at first. Gu Xijiu managed to destroy Yun Yanli’s residence to expose the Star Formation that he had been hiding underground, but before she could make it to Zhengde Square, a man suddenly appeared and got in her way.

The man was wearing robes of emerald bamboo embroideries. A piece of cloth had concealed the left side of his handsome face, revealing only his eye. With a smile, he raised his arm and secured Gu Xijiu at the shoulder. “Master Xijiu, where do you think you are going?”

The man was none other than Zhu Duqing – her new apprentice. He was holding onto her shoulder very tightly, so inundating that she could feel her legs go weak. She tried to stand back and keep a distance from him, but he grasped her at the waist too and pulled her into his arms.

Astonished, Gu Xijiu’s heart sank at the sudden realization. Zhu Duqing’s Kung Fu was not like before. His strength had increased tremendously. His spiritual level was at least a Mighty Immortal. By revealing his actual strength, it was clear that he did not intend to play his pretentious self any longer.

Gu Xijiu was trying to play dumb. “Zhu Duqing, what are you doing? It is great to see that you have escaped. I have been trying to save you.” However, with a tight smile, he heaved a helpless sigh. “Xijiu, why do you have to pretend? You no longer trust me, right? Why would you save me? No matter how bad my situation is, you will never help me out.”

“Why shouldn’t I trust you? I do not understand. It must be a misunderstanding, but this is not the right time to discuss it. I need to do something urgently. We will talk about this later.”

Gu Xijiu did not want him to lose control, so she tried to talk him out of it while attempting to escape.

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