Chapter 2552 The Wedding Scene (2)

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Kun Xueyi gasped in utter disbelief at the sight of the liquids. Although they were strange, the substances were not foreign to Kun Xueyi. He was able to recognize the liquids as soon as the fire started burning.

The blood of the Flood Dragon.

The blood of Tao Tie.

The blood of Qiong Qi.

The blood of Tao Wu.

The blood of Chaos.

The blood of the Heavens Rending Roar.

The blood of Fei Fei.

The blood of Bi Fang.

The eight different liquids were the blood of eight different mythological, evil creatures. These evil creatures all possessed a very strong demonic aura, exerting a force so great that they could change the order of the world. Even their blood possessed a demonic aura. According to legend, burning the eight types of blood together could ultimately release a scent that could destroy all kinds of wizardry barriers and contaminate even the purest form of celestial aura. Not even a Mighty Immortal could get away from it.

He certainly did not expect Yun Yanli to have gathered all the types of blood here. How could he achieve such a feat? Was it even possible? All these evil creatures could not even be found in the Shura World. Perhaps, Yun Yanli was right about having someone behind him from in his dreams.

Kun Xueyi took an anxious look at the jade statue that was tightly secured on the pillar. It was even harder for him to see whether the statue was authentic through the flames and fumes.

The jade statue used to be invincible because of the protective wizardry barrier that it possessed. Unlike any other barriers, it could not be penetrated via ordinary methods. Kun Xueyi was able to stay calm because he knew that the jade statue was well protected by the strong wizardry barrier. Yun Yanli could not destroy it even if he tried. However, the situation was different now.

Kun Xueyi could no longer keep his cool. He gazed into the distance to look for Gu Xijiu. He knew that she must be somewhere in the crowd, and he could not help but wonder why Gu Xijiu had not signaled anything yet.

Before he could make up his mind on what to do next, a loud explosion from afar distracted him. Clouds of black smoke could be seen rising from the administrative center of Luo Hua City. The explosion was so loud that everyone could feel the ground shaking. In shock, the people followed the sound and peered at the explosion site.

“The governor’s residence has exploded!” A voice exclaimed.

The dark clouds from the explosion had filled almost half of the sky. Dust and ashes from the shattered building still lingered in the air, forming a spectacular view of a rising mushroom cloud. It was really happening!

The entire scene unfolded too suddenly, so the crowd began to panic. People started shoving one another in order to get out. In just a matter of seconds, the place had turned into chaos.Some people starting screaming, “What is happening? Why is the governor’s residence on fire?”

“Could it be that the people from the Devil Kingdom are here?”

“Governor, you should go and have a look.”

“Let us go and have a look.”

The heated discussions went on. These voices seemed to achieve their desired effect as they built suspense in the crowd. Convinced, the people from each tent started to move towards the exit as the square continued to lose its order.

Kun Xueyi felt that hope had just returned. It looked like Gu Xijiu had succeeded. He moved a little but was immediately stopped by an arm that was wrapped around his waist. Yun Yanli whispered hoarsely into his ear, “Xijiu. where do you think you are going?”

He sounded rather callous. Kun Xueyi sighed. “Yun Yanli, your residence is burning down. Aren’t you going to have a look?”

Yun Yanli had momentarily deactivated the spell that he used to prevent Kun Xueyi from talking, which allowed him to respond. Certainly, his volume was still restricted. All he could do was speak softly, so other people could not hear what he said.

Yun Yanli gave him a smile, but it was not genuine. He got even closer and said with a harsh tone, “The men from the Devil Kingdom must have caused it, right? Are they trying to use this distraction to save their master?”

Kun Xueyi frowned at him. “So what? Your house should be the main concern.”

“It is merely a building that is worthless to me.”

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