Chapter 2546 Are You Happy? (4)

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Since ‘Gu Xijiu’ was leaning leisurely on Yun Yanli, it seemed that the two people in the carriage were very loving and harmonious.

On the contrary, Feng Ruhuo was furious! She naturally knew that the ‘Gu Xijiu’ that the people saw was actually Kun Xueyi. As the real Gu Xijiu was the fiance of the Devil King, this scene was detrimental to Gu Xijiu’s reputation. She wanted to contact Kun Xueyi using her directed audio spell to instruct him to keep his hands off Yun Yanli. However, Gu Xijiu took a prawn and blocked her mouth with it. She whispered, “Do not contact him using the directed audio spell. He is too close to Yun Yanli right now. The man could possibly hear the conversation. To make matters worse, this could also be a trap!”

Feng Ruhuo’s forehead had drops of sweat leaking from it all of a sudden. She seemed to have finally figured out Yun Yanli’s underlying intention and quickly covered her mouth. She would no longer attempt to contact Kun Xueyi for the time being.

The two ladies were still on the second floor of the restaurant at this time. It was not too high up for them to just jump down, but the streets were rather crowded. It was quite noisy in the restaurant, so the dialogue between Gu Xijiu and Feng Ruhuo was not audible to the people nearby.

Meanwhile, the carriage seemed to be passing the street at a rather slow pace. Once it passed, Gu Xijiu immediately left the place with Feng Ruhuo. In fact, she had come and gone several times, but no one in the city had realized it.Of course, Yun Yanli was not aware of it too. He was too distracted by the lovely lady learning on his shoulder to think about anything else. In fact, the man looked somewhat satisfied.

The ‘Gu Xijiu’ next to him was gentle, warm, and tender. She also smelled sweet like a flower.This was a luxury that he had never gotten before, so Yun Yanli felt like he was in a dream. Nonetheless, he was also aware that the beautiful woman next to him had not voluntarily leaned on him or held his hand. Yun Yanli had blocked the acupuncture points on her body, making her unable to move.

“Xijiu, did you see how happy everyone here is? A lot of people are praising us as the perfect couple.” Yun Yanli whispered to the beauty beside him while applying slightly more pressure on her soft hand. What the hell is a perfect pair? It certainly could not be what they had at that moment!

Kun Xueyi almost had goosebumps just listening to the man. His life had been a little difficult lately. From the morning, Yun Yanli had been like a mushroom in his golden house. The man had been trying to talk sweetly to Kun Xueyi the entire time until they passed through the city’s streets.

“Xijiu, do you know the identities of Di Fuyi’s subordinates?”

Kun Xueyi ignored him. Gu Xijiu might not know Di Fuyi’s subordinates, but Kun Xueyi surely knew them. Nonetheless, he would never tell Yun Yanli!

“Someone must have entered the city just now to retrieve the snakes that I had captured. Clearly, they were not successful. However, the person who tried to recover the snakes must be really skilled. My net did not manage to catch him or her. If you were not with me the entire time, I would have surely suspected that the person was you. The way the person moved made it seem like he or she was teleporting about the place.”

Kun Xueyi suddenly froze momentarily. He was certain that Gu Xijiu was the person behind the incident. Hence, she must have made her way back into the city. Before he could contemplate the consequences, Yun Yanli seemed to pull ‘Gu Xijiu’ closer to him. Kun Xueyi almost fell into his arms. He snorted in his heart and tried to sit straight, but Yun Yanli had wrapped his arms around Kun Xueyi’s waist. He then blew hot air into his ear and said, “Xijiu, tomorrow is the day we are getting married. Are you happy?”

Kun Xueyi wanted to kick the man! He tried to push him away but was unsuccessful. Instead, he uttered, “Happy as hell!” Fortunately, the real Gu Xijiu was also very repulsive, so Kun Xueyi’s actions were reasonable. Yun Yanli had no reason to be suspicious. He went closer to ‘Gu Xijiu’ and said, “Xijiu, I am already looking forward to our first night.”

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