Chapter 2543 Are You Happy?

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Since there were many aunties in the city, they did not catch any attention and blended well into the crowd when walking down the streets.

Feng Ruhuo thought that the city would have been in a state of chaos; however,it turned out that it was very peaceful and no different compared to a usual day.

If one really wanted to spot a difference, it would be that the streets were cleaner, and the shops on both sides of each street were decorated in red. It seemed that the whole city was preparing for one thing – the wedding of their city’s owner.

Gossip floated through the air, and naturally, the best place to sit and listen to it was naturally at a restaurant. Hence,Gu Xijiu and Feng Ruhuo entered a very crowded restaurant. This restaurant catered to the low-to-middle-income group. There were not many nobles here. Instead, the place wasfilled with ordinary people.

The vast majority of officials and nobles in the city were typically very tight-lipped about their work. It was not easy to get some gossip from their mouths. However,ordinary people here were different. They were honest and direct and did not generally keep any secrets. Therefore, they had come to the right place.

Gu Xijiu and Feng Ruhuo simply sat at the restaurant for half an hour, and they had gotten all the information they needed. For example, the wedding tomorrow was not in the official residence of the city’s owner. Instead, it would be held in Zhengde Square, which was said to have been beautifully decorated.

For the grand wedding ceremony tomorrow, the city owner requested everyone to celebrate with him. All the people would have a day off, and everyone could be present in Zhengde Square to watch the ceremony.

They also heard that there was a snake invasion in the city last night. Nonetheless, the snakes had been captured, so the problem had been averted.

The official news that was released to the public stated that beeing greeted by ground dragons was an auspicious sign and was God’s way of blessing the wedding. To appreciate the grace from God, and to recognize the hard work of the soldiers who work tirelessly to guard the city during the day and night, the city owner had given these snakes to the Tianxiang restaurant, the largest restaurant in the city, and instructed the master chef to cook it. The dishes would be distributed to all the people in the town, regardless of status and occupation.

When Feng Ruhuo heard the last piece of news, her facial expression had changed! Clearly, Yun Yanli and his men had found out that the snakes were sent here to spy on them. Most of the snakes were just common snakes that had no special abilities. Therefore, Feng Ruhuo was not too concerned about them.However, her Xiao Chi was the king of the snakes, her precious baby. She could not lose it!

Feng Ruhuo made up her mind to pay a visit to Tianxiang Restaurant to see if her baby Xiao Chi was there. Gu Xijiu grabbed her and shook her head. “This is a trap!”

Feng Ruhuo was not stupid. Naturally, she understood that this was a trap to draw her out, but if she did not go to confirm that Xiao Chi was there, she would not be at ease.

“Miss Gu, please let me go. Rest assured, I will be careful. I will not expose myself.”

Gu Xijiu could understand her situation; therefore, she said, “I will accompany you!”

“No, there must be a lot of ambushes in place. Miss Gu, you are the future Devil Queen. You can’t be hurt, or the Devil King…”

Gu Xijiu disregarded her last statement and teleported right after she said, “Don’t talk so much nonsense. Let’s go!”

In the blink of an eye, they appeared in the kitchen of the Tianxiang Restaurant. This was truly the most luxurious restaurant in Luo Hua City. At that moment, it was nearly noon, and there were many guests in the restaurant. The place was packed with people constantly moving about.

Gu Xijiu’s estimations were accurate, so they ended up where they wanted to be- in the courtyard, outside the kitchen of the Tianxiang restaurant. There were not many people in the yard, but it was not entirely empty as well. Additionally, the two of them were merely five meters away from a chef, and there was nothing in between them.

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