Chapter 2538 Wellbehaved

Chapter 2538: Well-behaved Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She then patted Gu Xijiu’s shoulder and said, “Miss Gu, don’t be afraid. Since our master loves you, we consider you to be partially our master as well. We will protect you! We will never let that guy take advantage of you!” Feng Ruhuo was very friendly to Gu Xijiu. In fact, when one of her arms rested on Gu Xijiu’s shoulder, it made them look like a pair of sisters.

“Feng Ruhuo, she is the lover of our king! Get your claws off of her! Our Devil King will definitely punish you if he finds out what you have done.” Guardian Jin quickly reminded her.

“What are you nervous about? Although I like women, I am very well-behaved.” Having openly confessed, Feng Ruhuo pulled her arm off Gu Xijiu’s shoulder.

The explanation certainly helped Gu Xijiu understood the context.

“Let’s discuss the next steps for us.” The second eldest guardian, who dressed in black, hardly spoke; but when he did, each of his sentences was straight to the point.

“According to the news I received, Yun Yanli has spread the news that he is going to publicly eliminate a devil during his wedding ceremony the day after tomorrow. I also heard that a statue of a devil would be destroyed in public. This should be the statue that we are trying to find.” Wan Hongxiu spoke slowly, even though the news he was delivering was very shocking.

Shui Junzhou turned away but was dragged back by Tian Xiuxiu. “Second brother, where are you going?”

“I am going to retrieve that statue, even if it means sacrificing my life!” Shui Junzhou’s words clearly showed his determination to save his king. The other guardians also acknowledged his statement and agreed. They were all willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

Feng Ruhuo turned her wrist, which seemed to have activated the snake that lay there. Its head raised a few times as it glided across the floor. After a while, there seemed to be a sound coming from all directions. Gu Xijiu took a look around her and was impressed. Countless snakes of different patterns and sizes seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. There were more than a thousand of them!

Feng Ruhuo then retrieved a flute and put it on her lips. It looked as though she was blowing into it, but Gu Xijiu could not hear any sound coming from the flute. Nonetheless, she could tell that the red snake seemed to understand it. The creature seemed to be communicating with the other snakes, and all of a sudden, the other snakes nodded. After that, the red snake’s head seemed to drill down into the grown, and it disappeared. Soon after, the other snakes followed. The scene was spectacular.

Gu Xijiu looked at Feng Ruohuo and had to ask, “What are you doing?”

“They will follow Xiao Chi to the city to find the jade statue. Miss Gu, you can rest assured that these snakes are persistent. There is also nowhere they can’t go. I believe we will have good news in just two hours. It might not be easy to find a living person, but it shouldn’t be a problem to find a jade statue.”

The other guardians had faith in Feng Ruhuo, so they began to think about how to extract the jade statue once they figured out its location. Gu Xijiu listened to them discussing for a moment before she finally said, “Once we know the exact location, I have a way to get the statue out. What you need to do is to plan how we will escape with the Devil King.”

The guardians looked at Gu Xijiu in disbelief. They were the elites of the Devil Kingdom and were very knowledgable. They knew how capable Yun Yanli was right now. So, how could Gu Xijiu single-handedly steal the statue from him?

Guardian Jin and Guardian Hua had a better understanding of Gu Xijiu’s ability compared to the rest of the group that just met her. Naturally, they believed her and immediately nodded their heads. “Miss Gu has the ability to teleport. Once we know the exact location of the jade statue, it’s easier for her to steal it.”

Just like that, the plan was set in place. The team was ready, but to their dismay, the snakes never returned.

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