Chapter 2536 Did Someone Run Away?

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“Miss Gu, you should go now! I have to keep him here. Don’t worry; he won’t recognize me! If he finds out that you have escaped, he will force you out by threatening to kill your people. If that happens, it will cause unnecessary casualties.” Kun Xueyi was very calm, and his analysis was very reasonable.

Gu Xijiu was not an indecisive person. She took a light breath and said, “Please take care. I will come and save you later!” She then turned around and teleported away.

Just when her figure had disappeared, Yun Yanli had once again entered the door.Kun Xueyi sat on the ground while still disguised as Gu Xijiu. “You are here again? What is going on?”

Yun Yanli did not recognize him. However, he had his suspicions about Gu Xijiu and knew that it would not be wise for him to overlook anything. Therefore, he repaired the hidden camera in the golden house.

In just a few minutes, he managed to piece it all back together. Knowing that Gu Xijiu had uncovered his secret device and might destroy it again, he added a protective cover around the camera that could only be destroyed by a Golden Immortal. He also told her not to destroy the camera this time, or there would be consequences.

‘Gu Xijiu’ understood what he meant. ‘She’ bit her lips and said, “Rest assured!”

Yun Yanli was stunned for a second by the response he received. He smiled at her and said, “Xijiu, it’s good to see you being so obedient.”

Kun Xueyi looked down and did not respond any further. However, he sneered in his heart. He had sarcastic thoughts in his head as well about a possible relationship between the two of them. But of course, since he was disguising as Gu Xijiu, he did not say anything of that sort as it could expose his identity.

Nonetheless, he did take the opportunity to ask one of his concerns, “Why are you so anxious all of a sudden? What happened? Did someone run away?”

Yun Yanli stared at ‘her’ and asked, “Can you guess?” Yun Yanli then glared at ‘Gu Xijiu’ rather fiercely, which made Kun Xueyi slightly nervous. Nevertheless, he tried to make a guess. “Kun Xueyi?”

“Why did you guess it is him?”

“Because among the people you have seized, he is the most capable one.” Kun Xueyi was never stingy on praising himself.

Yun Yanli snorted. “He is just a mutated dirty pervert. He is going to be my meal sooner or later!”

Kun Xueyi was speechless. In fact, he thought to himself, “You are the dirty one! I am a Kun! There is a world of difference between the two!” Fortunately, he calmed down soon enough as he usually did not concern himself with ignorant people. He smiled and did not speak any further.

The mythological creature’s movements were very much alike to Gu Xijiu’s, and since Yun Yanli was in a hurry, he did not realize anything abnormal. Since everything seemed in order, Yun Yanli soon left the room.

Outside the city, Gu Xijiu met up with Guardian Jin and Guardian Hua once again and found that there were five more people together with them- one female and four males. Each of them had exceptional auras, and two of them were twins who looked lovely.

When they saw her return, Guardian Jin and Guardian Hua both breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Miss Gu, could you find the jade statue?”

Gu Xijiu studied the five people before responding. Understanding the situation, Guardian Jin quickly introduced them, “Miss Gu, they are also the personal guardians of the Devil King…”

Pointing to a tall, burly, black man with a cold look, he added, “He is the second eldest in our team, Shui Junzhou. He is good at stealth missions and assassinations.”

Following that, he pointed to a man who was rather short and had a bird on his shoulder. “He is the third eldest, Wan Hongxiu. He is good at tracking people. There are only a few people in the Shura World who can escape from him.”

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