Chapter 2533 The Rescue (3)

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Even though Gu Xijiu managed to use her teleportation ability, what Yun Yanli had done to seal her acupuncture points required at least a Golden Immortal to undo.Therefore, Gu Xijiu could only utilize a tenth of her power.

Luckily, Kun Xueyi’s spiritual power was strong enough to help her unseal her acupuncture points. However, he still needed Gu Xijiu’s guidance to do so. Having restored Gu Xijiu, Kun Xueyi cast the cleaning spell around him a few times to cleanse his body. He really could not take the disgusting scent around him that reminded him of dried salted fish. He noticed that the four half-orcs were still unconscious on the ground. Obviously, they had been poisoned.

“Miss Gu, did you spread the poison on my body?” Gu Xijiu had given Kun Xueyi a tap on the back while he was still trapped in the flames. It was right about that time that the four half-orcs had collapsed. He remembered also smelling a very pleasant scent around him at the time, despite his body’s condition.

“Yes, the effect of the poison was accelerated by the heat. You will not be affected as I have only put it on your skin.”

Unconvinced, Kun Xueyi used the cleaning spell again. Feeling more comfortable in his own skin again, he realized that they should not stay here any longer. Then again, he was not someone who would take a beating for nothing. Immediately, he tied the men up very tightly and muted them. In a row, he strung them together on a stick and placed the stick over the flames. In anguish, the half-orcs suffering had just begun. He was obviously delighted to make them suffer. There he stood, clapping along while they screamed in agony. “How can I keep the ravishing the sensation to myself? I must let you all know how you made me feel.”

Then, he poured the hot bowl of pepper and saltwater onto the burning men. They did not have the same water and fire-resistant skin as Kun Xueyi. Hence, their suffering was significantly worse than Kun Xueyi’s.

While he was having fun, Gu Xijiu took the time to ask him a few things and found out that he, too, had no idea where the jade statue was or where the others were imprisoned. Therefore, Gu Xijiu knew that she had to keep looking.

However, the underground prison was a very secret chamber with many turns and crossings. Moreover, the place was also secured with an array formation. Without knowing the array formation, one could not possibly escape from the place even if the exit gate was wide open. Fortunately, this was nothing for Gu Xijiu.

In the depths of the underground prison, they found Guardian Jin and Guardian Hua. The two men had obviously suffered some degree of torment as well. They were found collapsed on some hay. Their clothes were in shreds and tatters, revealing the wounds that severely marked their skin. They lay unconscious, like two dead beggars in the streets during a cold winter.

Gu Xijiu’s surprise visit had brought tears to their eyes.

“Miss Gu!”

The lady’s Kung Fu was, without a doubt, powerful. She managed to escape from her own cell and even came to their rescue. Their injuries were so severe that a speedy recovery wasnot possible even with the help of Gu Xijiu’s magic pills.

In searching for them, Gu Xijiu had knocked out the two guards and disguised them as the two guardians. With their voice muted, Gu Xijiu placed them in the cell to temporarily fool the other guards in the underground prison.

The security in the prison was very tight, with the guards regularly patrolling the place. They would be easily exposed if they were to escape on foot, so Gu Xijiu decided to use her teleportation skill to bring them out.

At the level of a Junior Immortal, each teleportation could stretch over the distance of about 50 miles. Although she was unsure of her exact location, leaving the city was not really a problem. One teleportation could solve it all.

As soon as they arrived at the outskirts, they immediately realized that they were in Luo Hua City. It was the first city that Gu Xijiu had ever been to in the Shura World. However, it was not the right time to reminisce about the past. Guardian Jin quickly used his secret signal to summon the soldiers from the Devil Kingdom.

He had also met up with the spies from the Devil Kingdom and told them to bring the news back. There was a total of eight guardians in the Devil Kingdom. Three were out, so there were five left.

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