Chapter 2532 The Rescue (2)

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The pain was unbearable to the point where Kun Xueyifelt like he was in the process of being grilled. Nonetheless, he was more concerned about the jade statue than the pain. He had seen many things in his lifetime. Knowing Di Fuyi personally, he was convinced that the man had transformed into the jade statue. The status was too extraordinary.

If Di Fuyi were removed from the equation, he could not think of anyone to turn the tide back into their favor. There was an army in the Devil Kingdom, but they would not stand a chance against Yun Yanli’s men. Moreover, even if they could stall his team, no one was powerful enough to defeat Yun Yanli. If he could bring the fight outside of the Shura World, perhaps he could teach the lousy prince a lesson. Unfortunately, he was trapped here. In fact, he had been defeated and captured.

The four guards who stood around him were half-orcs. Kun Xueyi had been observing them for a while, but he could not tell their origins. They did not look like failed mutated beings. Instead, it seemed that they wereintentionally built as a physical combination of a beast and a human. It was certainly not a comfortable sight for Kun Xueyi. Furthermore, their behavior was also weird, and they knew some of the worst ways to torture their captives.

While Kun Xueyi was still being grilled over the fire, they could somehow always think of a way to make him feel worse. At first, they threw a big bowl of saltwater and pepper at him. Then, they decided that it was a good idea to use an iron brush to scrub his wounded skin. The torment was too much for Kun Xueyi to endure. For the first time, he was thinking of a way to end his life.

While he was still struggling, Yun Yanli had suddenly come back. The four guards were surprised by his unusually frequent visits. Nevertheless, they quickly went forward to greet him. Yun Yanli dismissed them with a wave. Apparently, he was here to check on Kun Xueyi again.

“Hey, what made you come back so soon? Are you sad to be away from me? Are you worried that I might get burned alive? Don’t worry. Only my skin is shed. The other parts of my body are fine. If you let me go, I will be sure you please you in a way that you never knew possible, a sensation that will make you come back asking for more.”

Yun Yanli did not answer him. Instead, he walked around the fish to observe it closer before giving it a gentle tap on its back. “Your skin is truly fire-resistant.”

The four men chimed in, “True. The fish’s skin is peculiar. It will not get burned no matter how big the flame gets.”

Yun Yanli waved his hand as a sign to ask them to come over. “Come and have a look. Are there any cracks on its body?”

The four men did as told. Suddenly, they were overwhelmed by a strong and yet pleasant scent. Before they knew it, they suffered a blackout as they collapsed to the ground.Kun Xueyi froze momentarily. In disbelief, he looked at Yun Yanli, not knowing what to do. “You… You… Miss Gu!”

‘Yun Yanli’ smiled at him and said, “You got me.”

Gu Xijiu answered him in her own voice. She took the form of Yun Yanli and sneaked inside to free Kun Xueyi. Gu Xijiu then took Kun Xueyi down from the rack and flipped the net over. She studied the net for a while and quickly thought of a way to break it open. Kun Xueyi was finally freed!

Kun Xueyi disregarded the pain on his body and transformed into his human figure. “You… You have escaped!” He looked at Gu Xijiu in awe.

Gu Xijiu skipped all the pleasantries. “Please help me release the pressure on some of my acupuncture points. I barely have enough spiritual power.”

When her spiritual power had returned by a tenth from before, she immediately broke the array formation of the golden house and teleported her way out. Quietly, she had tailed Yun Yanli around and found the underground prison.

After Yun Yanli left, she took his form and came to Kun Xueyi’s rescue.

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