Chapter 2529 A Battle Of Wits And Courage (3)

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“I do not have many to call friends, but you were one of the few. I still remember when I first arrived in the Upper Bound, I barely knew anyone. Luckily, you were there to save my blushes.”

Gu Xijiu started to talk about what they had been through together.

Deeply moved, Yun Yanli started to recollect his former glamor, where he was still a cheerful, ambitious, and compassionate young prince in his teens. She was the first girl that he had ever been attracted to. Those were the sweet, old times.

Yun Yanli’s hand was already holding her waist tie. With a tug, the tie would immediately loosen, and she would be completely undressed. As a consequence, he would also ruin their intimate conversation, which they had not had in a very long while.

He slowly let go of his hand and sat by her side. “You were a lovely and innocent girl, but arrogant on account of your seniority,” he teased her.

Gu Xijiu laughed along. “I had always thought that I was older than most of you. They laughed together, and that helped ease the tension.

The two friends sat together, recollecting the ups and downs of their friendship. Gu Xijiu tried very hard not to trigger him, so all they talked about was the happy stuff.

An hour later, Gu Xijiu suddenly suggested in a somewhat awkward manner, “Could you please send me some snacks or fruits? I have not eaten anything in the past three days. I am hungry.”

Yun Yanli hesitated. “I thought that food is no longer a necessity for you since you are now Junior Immortal.”

He also knew that the situation could be different in the Shura World and that she could be famished at the moment, but he felt the need to starve her so that she would be more obliging.As a Junior Immortal, a little hunger would not do any harm.

Now that she had asked about it, Yun Yanli no longer felt the need to torture her, so he rose and went to prepare some food. He came back with a plate of fruits and another plate of dessert. He had even brought her some dishes and a bowl of congee.

Gu Xijiu started eating right away. Yun Yanli looked at her fixedly, seemingly preoccupied with some inner thoughts. While she was still eating, he suddenly asked, “Aren’t you worried that I might poison your food?”

Gu Xijiu was still chewing a mouthful of bread at that moment. “No, I trust you on this,” she said.

Nothing could make her feel even worse than what she was going through at the moment. The poison was also unnecessary.

Yun Yanli stayed quiet until she was finally full. “Would you like to play a game of chess?” She invited.

Yun Yanli was a good player, as well. They had a few games before, and each side shared an equal amount of wins and losses. Thus, he swiftly took out his chessboard. “Great!”

Gu Xijiu continued, “That one is boring. We should play something new, with only the pieces and not the board.”

While she was explaining, she quickly drew a few lines on a piece of paper. Soon, a complicated chess pattern was revealed before Yun Yanli’s eyes.

“Do you know how to play this version?” Gu Xijiu asked.

His frown had clearly denoted his confusion. “I have never seen anything like this before.”

“It is all right. I will teach you.” Gu Xijiu was exceptionally patient with him. Three days of imprisonment must have made her suffer from boredom.

Yun Yanli looked at her with a firm nod of acknowledgment. “All right.”

Thus, both of them started playing the game.

Yun Yanli was a man of great intelligence. Despite his lack of skill, he managed to keep up and became familiarized with the strategy. They had a total of five games, but Yun Yanli had lost them all due to his lack of practice. However, every loss was less severe than the one before, which proved that his skills were slowly advancing.

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