Chapter 2527 A Battle Of Wits And Courage

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There she sat, trying to recall the dream, only to realize she had forgotten almost all of it. In a blur, she roughly remembered that she saw the master of the heavenly law was playing chess against a man who was known to be the creator of the universe. What a dream that was for Gu Xijiu.However, she realized that it seemed to be more than just a game of chess.

Troubled, she tried to think hard for any clues but could hardly recall anything. Gu Xijiu was gifted with a photographic memory. Her mind retained everything she saw or read, but the dream was an exception. The images vanished very quickly like something had shrouded her from seeing the truth and removed the traces from her head.

She could not remember the two great men from her dream, but Di Hao’s presence clearly made an impression. She remembered that the boy had even shared with her a bag of snacks while watching the game unfold.

Gu Xijiu would often retain the memory of her dreams when she woke up, but this time, everything disappeared almost instantaneously. Someone must have made her see the images and took the dream away when it was done.

She soon got up, stretched herself, and took a walk around the house. The furniture finally got her attention asshe seemed to notice something strange. The placement of the stuff was rather odd. Gu Xijiu tried to move the tables and chairs, but the pieces were already fastened to the floor, so she could not even lift them up.

She knew that it was actually an array formation, one that she had yet to encounter. Also, she was probably too weak to break it at the moment. For the past few days, she had never stopped trying to analyze and decipher the code but never succeeded. Perhaps, the dream was like a hint. After she woke up, she started to see things differently. The array formation actually looked like the starry array.

She could not remember who started the game first, but she clearly remembered how to solve it. Could the house be a key element in some sort of Star Formation?

In despair, she also knew that she did not have the strength to carry out experiments to prove the theory. Therefore, she returned to the side of her bed and sat down. She raised her hand to wipe away the cold sweats that filled her entire forehead. Under the current circumstances, there was no way she could escape even if she could decode the array formation. She had to first remove the seal that was suppressing her acupuncture points.

All of a sudden, the door was opened again. Yun Yanli was here to see her. He had even brought her a wedding dress and made her try it on. He claimed that he needed to see her in the dress. The wedding dress was beautifully embellished, finished with a highly elegant silhouette. The aesthetic of the dress was a testament to Yun Yanli’s eye for beauty.

Gu Xijiu knew very well that she could not fight back, so she agreed to put on the dress. However, he had to remove some of her sealed acupuncture points that limited her movement. She barely had any strength, so it would be challenging for her to put on the dress in complicated layers solely on her own. She could already imagine how exhausted she would be by the end of the fitting.

Yun Yanli was not worried that she would play any tricks, for his Kung Fu was clearly much stronger than hers, so he agreed to free her movement in some parts of her body. Her strength finally returned as soon as he removed the spell, but her spiritual power was still inaccessible.

Gu Xijiu put on the dress and looked absolutely stunning in red. Her face was a little pale, but the fiery red color of the dress was able to shed some vivid tones on her cheeks, which made it look like she was flushing crimson. Her beautiful, dark eyes were absolutely captivating.

Yun Yanli stood still in a trance. He did not come with good intentions. He had always adored Gu Xijiu, but could never make the affection mutual. At the moment, he was able to hold her captive and force her into a marriage.

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