Chapter 2526 The Master Of The Heavenly Law (4)

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Her face was as beautiful as the legendary Su Daji in the ancient Chinese story. Every wink and every smile was able to cause a wave of havoc with one’s heart, but this was more apparent when she started crying. No one was able to resist the charm of a weeping beauty.

The master of the heavenly law only responded with a tight smile, so the lady assumed that the master of the heavenly law was finally interested in her. She bravely took the first step forward to approach him. “I admire you very much, my Lord. You will be the only one that I love.”

“You admire me? What will you do to prove it?”

“My Lord, you can ask me to do anything, and I shall obey,” the lady answered in a soft, trembling voice. The way she spoke was seductive and bewitching.

Temptations lingered in her eyes as no man was ever able to resist her seductive invitations. Even as a woman, Gu Xijiu was enchanted by her exquisite beauty. Indeed, the lady was a voluptuous creature.

Bewildered, Gu Xijiu could not help but turn her eyes to the master of the heavenly law for an answer. The master of the heavenly law was still smiling at her. “Come here,” he invited the lady by reaching out his hand.

Hopeful, the lady enticingly walked towards him and was ready to hold his hand. Before their hands touched one another, the man suddenly turned his hand around and struck the lady by enveloping her in a circle of white light.

The lady disappeared, leaving only a fish behind. Refusing to take the defeat, the fish continued to jump around in the canoe. The master of the heavenly law gave the fish a wave, and it was immediately sent to the man in black.

In the blink of an eye, the fish was already descaled and cleaned. “Use it to make soup. The fish is very nutritious. I am sure it tastes nice.”

The man in black had nothing to say. He sighed at the dead fish. “You should know that the master of the heavenly law is a heartless and merciless man, who never shows any tenderness to women. How dare you offer yourself to him? You have brought death to yourself because of your foolishness.”

“Fan Qianshi, what did you make up about me this time?”

“I dare not do anything of that sort. I was only telling the truth. How could you push such an exquisite woman straight into her death?”

“Fan Qianshi, you are the creator of the universe. Being petty is not helpful in your situation.”

The master of the heavenly law then gave him a smile. “Since you have compassion for beautiful women, you should try to make the soup taste better. At least you can make the best out of her miserable death. All right, I shall leave it to you.” Swiftly, the canoe disappeared.

The man in black watched the master of the heavenly law as he left. His black robes started to dance in the breeze as if a layer of dark aura surrounded him.

After a while, he murmured to himself, “Can you really be unaffected by anything at all? Di Fuyi, I do not believe that you can be without love and desire. I was the one who created the world, but you are the one who has become the master of the heavenly law.” There was a faint tone of grudge in his inaudible utterance.

Gu Xijiu still sat nearby with the bag of snacks in her hand. She felt as if she had just watched a show. Her soul had often left her body. All of the images in her dreams were arranged scene by scene. Fortunately, the characters in her dreams were unable to see her, so she could see everything unveil before her.

She used to be alone in these dreams, but now, she had a little companion. Her little companion had even brought and shared food with her while analyzing the characters with her for a better understanding.

Today, she encountered the master of the heavenly law and the creator of the universe. She thought that both names were actually assigned to the same men, but they were two different individuals, who were also friends.

The master of heavenly law’s surname was also Di.

As for Fan Qianshi, he played the role of the creator of the universe, which was equivalent to Goddess Nuwa, who repaired the sky and built mankind.

While she was still caught in a daze, little Di Hao suddenly gave her a push and said, “Mother, let’s go back. I… I cannot hold on any longer.”

Soon, she started free falling into a void while all of the scenes disappeared abruptly. Eagerly, she opened her eyes again, only to be dazzled by the golden charm in the room. She was still in the golden house. Everything that she saw was only a dream.

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