Chapter 2517 Worstcase Scenario Was To Start Over!

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Earlier, Yun Yanli was only thinking of slapping the statue without any spiritual power. However, given that he had learned more about the statue, and also that it resembled his enemy, he was now more motivated to land a powerful blow to the figure. This time, he put in about 30% of his power into the attack.

“Don’t!” Gu Xijiu desperately rushed to the jade statue to protect it!

Gu Xijiu successfully distracted Yun Yanli, who turned his slap into a grab. He picked her up and threw her over to the young palace master. “Look after her!”

Again, he exercised his spiritual power to land a blow to the statue. However, the result was the same.A colorful light repelled his hand.The counteracting force was stronger than before, which hurt Yun Yanli’s hand.Would the colorful light match the force that attacked the statue?

Yun Yanli squinted his eyes with evil intention. He now exercised the full capacity of his spiritual power and converged it in his palm. His palm looked as though it was glowing with a wave of power.

Being an immortal being herself, Gu Xijiu could tell that Yun Yanli yielded the power of a Great Deity.This kind of force could shatter a diamond into dust. What chance would a jade statue have against it?It would probably turn into powder in less than a second!

Although Gu Xijiu would risk her life for Di Fuyi, there was nothing that she could do right now. Running around frantically or screaming would be of no help. Hence, she simply closed her eyes and hoped for the best. If Di Fuyi were taken down, she would help seek revenge for him if she had to go to hell to do so! She would shred Yun Yanli into pieces and would turn his soul into powder!After that, she would be on the lookout for Di Fuyi’s reincarnation.The worst-case scenario was to start over! Besides, he had reincarnated before.

Yun Yanli’s fist was headed toward the jade statue.It was so powerful that a gust of strong wind accompanied it. The people nearby had to take a step back.

“Panggg!” The earth shook for a few seconds.

Everyone clearly covered their ears and even used their spiritual power to help to protect their ears. Nonetheless, the crashing sound kept them in a daze for a few seconds. The villagers who did not have much spiritual power fell to the ground and vomited even though they covered their ears.

The blood in Gu Xijiu’s chest seemed to tremor vigorously. Her vision went dark for a moment, and her heart sank into the abyss. She merely kept her eyes closed the entire time, afraid to see the end result.

The loud gasping from the crowd caught her attention, and her eyelashes flickered as she opened her eyes. She was stunned!The jade statue was still sitting there in good condition. It was as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Yun Yanli was a few feet away from the statue. The repelling force had pushed him into a boulder, which hecrushed upon collision. There were dust and fragments of the boulder all over his body.

Nevertheless, Yun Yanli still stood firmly. Although he was not injured, his ego was certainly bruised, and his handsome face turned green.

“Hahaha!” Zhu Duqing laughed. “City Owner Yun is mighty! You actually flew into the distance from the effect of your own power! Awesome! You looked like a goose that landed on its ass. What a stunning sight!”

After he was teased by Zhu Duqing, he was even angrier. He raised his palm and wanted to shoot something at Zhu Duqing!

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