Chapter 2516 This Jade Statue Was Really Strange!

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The white light seemed to have counteracted the momentum of the fall and supported it to land on the ground gently, without even a trace of dust.

Everyone remained silent.

Was this a spiritual jade statue? Or was someone protecting it? The jade statue sat there steadily, like a Buddha. An auspicious light surrounded it.

The young palace master suddenly shouted, “This is the ‘god’ statue that appeared the other day!”

The people who were present at the valley were the elites that Yun Yanli had brought out from Leguo City. Looking at the statue more clearly, they agreed with the young palace master. “Yes, this is it! It must be it!

“Whose jade statue is it?”

There were differing opinions, but the crowd was getting noisier.

Gu Xijiu seemed to be on a roller coaster ride today. Although she was less worried now, she was too weak to do anything.

Yun Yanli squinted slightly and coldly said, “That is the Devil King, Di Fuyi! As I said, he was the one who created the chaos that day!”

Everyone remained silent.

Although the lie that Yun Yanli created was perfect, Kun Xueyi’s appearance caused the people to be skeptical. Many people secretly went to other cities to check on the starry arrays, but they could not find any of them yet. In fact, many among the elites here today were still unconvinced by Yun Yanli’s alibi.However, seeing this jade statue made them suddenly question themselves for doubting Yun Yanli.

The man knew that his reputation had been tainted. Little did he know that the opportunity had arrived for him to clear his name.

“Master, do you think that the Devil King made this jade statue? Or is this the Devil King himself? Was he originally a spiritual jade?” The young palace master curiously asked.

Yun Yanli looked at Gu Xijiu. Although Gu Xijiu was trying to stay calm, her pale face sold her out. She clearly cared a lot about this jade statue. Moreover, this jade statue was really strange.

He took Gu Xijiu back from the young palace master and released a few of her acupuncture points. He then brought her close to the jade statue and smiled as he said, “It seems like Di Fuyi had really turned into a jade statue. No wonder that he did not help when you experienced the catastrophe. This is unusual. Could it be that his original body is really made of jade?”

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes and did not speak. She just let him continue to guess.

Yun Yanli walked around the jade statue to observe it. He raised his hand and wanted to touch it. “This jade statue is really unique.”

Gu Xijiu’s facial expression changed. “Do not touch it with your dirty hands!”

Yun Yanli squinted and sneered. “What can you do if I want to touch it?”

He had never gone against Gu Xijiu before. But since she could not get her heart, why should he listen to her?! After all, she was now merely his prisoner! Besides, he wanted to slap the statue.He raised his palm and was ready to land that slap. He wanted to slap this person for a long time! Even if he could not hit the real person now, he would be satisfied enough to hit his statue!

When his palm was about to hit the face of the jade statue, the jade figure suddenly burst into a circle of colorful light, and repelled Yun Yanli’s palm!

“Puuu!” The colorful light seemed to have crashed into Yun Yanli.The man did not manage to slap the statue but instead was shocked by the colorful light.

This jade statue had a wizardry barrier around his body!

Yun Yanli raised his eyebrows in surprise and chuckled. “This jade statue is really strange!”

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