Chapter 2510 Catastrophe (2)

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The young palace master proceeded to stab the donkey repeatedly in order to make it squeal. The serrated knife was stained with blood, but the donkey never screamed. It only looked at the young palace master disdainfully.

Zhu Duqing’s face had turned red, and he continued to curse Yun Yanli and his subordinates. Yun Yanli ignored him and continued to order the young palace master, “It seems like this donkey doesn’t feel pain on its skin. Is it a male donkey? If that is the case, let’s take away its penis.”

The donkey was furious as the young palace master immediately placed her knife near to the donkey’s penis. For the first time, the donkey screamed out of fear. Itsscream was deafening, and it was very different from that of an ordinary donkey. It sounded like a dragon, and it shocked everyone’s ears. The whole valley echoed with its high-pitched shriek.

The wizardry barrier suddenly appeared to tremor violently, and Yun Yanli took advantage of the situation by pounding against it with brute force. Along with a loud bang, a big hole emerged in the wizardry barrier!

Yun Yanli laughed at his success and asked his forces to make their way through quickly. His subordinates immediately attacked guardians Jin and Hua, who were patrolling at the edge of the wizardry barrier. They were affected by the tremors at the barrier, and just as they got up, they were surrounded by Yun Yanli and his people.

During the fight, Guardian Jin tried to contact Gu Xijiu with a directed audio spell in order to warn her. However, at this critical moment, Gu Xijiu did not answer her directed audio spell.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared in the sky, which lighted up the entire ground! Along with the lightning came a rumbling thunder that reverberated across the sky. Everyone was stunned and subconsciously raised their heads. Their facial expressions changed!

There were many red clouds in the sky that appeared to be clumped together. Lightning that was accompanied by thunder could be seen and felt across the entire sky.This was… This was the sign of a catastrophe about to happen! But who was going through the catastrophe?!

Being distracted by the happenings in the air, Yun Yanli did not immediately notice that there was a faint gold shadow that flashed about in the crowd. Guardian Jin, who was initially trapped in the encirclement of the crowd, instantly disappeared.

What the hell!? The young palace master was furious. “This is definitely Gu Xijiu’s work.” However, just when she uttered this point, she recalled that her master loved Gu Xijiu. Therefore, she should be careful with what she says. In the past, she was punished by Yun Yanli for cursing Gu Xijiu.

Yun Yanli said coldly, “It is not her! This is the Kun! Quickly! Chase after him!”

Gu Xijiu did not expect to experience a catastrophe of this sort at this very moment. In a bid to save Di Fuyi, she desperately absorbed his spiritual power but never expected thunder and lightning to strike above her head.

If it were not for her responsiveness to teleport away in time, she and the jade statue would have been smashed! Even so, her tent had collapsed on impact. She immediately knew what was happening. It was her turn to experience a catastrophe! The thunder and lightning were simply a warning to her.

Gu Xijiu knew that she could not hide from it. Fortunately, she had experienced it before, so it should not be a big problem for her.

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