Chapter 2509 Catastrophe

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Using his spiritual power, Yun Yanli was able to project his voice at least a few miles. He believed that anyone in the entire valley could hear it. However, he realized that there was still no movement inside the barrier. Needless to say, the wizardry barrier remained shut.

Zhu Duqing sneered. “This wizardry barrier is probably soundproof. No matter how loud you scream, the people inside can’t hear it. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be threatened by you!”

Yun Yanli glared at Zhu Duqing. “Do you recognize this wizardry barrier?!”

“No, I don’t recognize it.”

Yun Yanli sneered. “If you don’t recognize it, how do you know that this wizardry barrier is soundproof?”

Zhu Duqing kept his mouth shut and said nothing.

“Tell me how to break this wizardry barrier!”

Zhu Duqing rolled his eyes and ignored the man.

Yun Yanli smiled. “Mr. Zhu, since you don’t know how to bend in a bad situation, I am sorry…” Yun Yanli seemed to grip hispalms, and the net suddenly tightened. Zhu Duqing felt as though bee stingers had pierced into his body, and his handsome face instantly turned red. He frowned and bit his lips, but still remained silent.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Zhu to have such a strong body.” Yun Yanli sounded cold, and his gaze turned to the donkey as he smiled. His smile was enough to strike fear in the pet.

The donkey seemed to have spurted a sneeze as a way of hinting to Yun Yanli not to provoke it. Yun Yanli simply chuckled at it. He then spoke to the young palace master, “Ming Die, get some ingredients from this donkey.”

“Okay!” answered the young palace master, and she immediately went to the front of the donkey. A serrated knife appeared at her fingertips as she gently stroked the buttocks of the donkey. “My knife can cut the toughest skin. The skin of this donkey is perfect. Let me peel it off to make soup. It must be delicious.”

The donkey was nervous and slammed its hoof on the ground. However, it could not struggle or move since it was tied up.It turned to look at its owner in the trapped net to ask for help.

Zhu Duqing was angry. “If you are not happy with me, just come straight at me! Why would you want to torture a donkey?! I advise you to drop this idea. I will not betray my master for this donkey!”

This donkey could understand the human language, so it was rather disappointed at what its master had said.Zhu Duqing looked at it apologetically but did not utter a word.

A soldier who was attacking the wizardry barrier suddenly shouted, “This wizardry barrier seems to have loosened!”Yun Yanli was rather excited by what he heard.

Zhu Duqing spoke to his donkey, “Don’t scream!” The donkey shut its mouth and looked at Zhu Duqing with suspicion.

Yun Yanli laughed, and told the young palace master, “Let’s torture this donkey! Make it scream! The louder, the better!”

The young palace master naturally agreed. Her familiarity with beasts helped her understand the sensitive points of each beast. Hence, she started by stabbing the stomach of the donkey!

This donkey was hardly vulnerable, but the way the young palace master stabbed it was rather unique. The knife pierced through its epidermis with ease and penetrated its veins.The donkey trembled and sweated all over. It clenched its teeth but did not scream.

The young palace master frowned. “Is this donkey a stubborn one?!”

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