Chapter 2508 A Smile To Show That He Finally Found A Breakthrough!

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Gu Xijiu figured that the more she absorbed the power from his body, the less likely an explosion would occur. All this time, she was so focused on saving Di Fuyi’s life that she did not realize that the sky outside had begun to change. Ominous clouds seemed to have filled the sky.

Yun Yanli, who was busy trying to tear down the wizardry barrier, also did not realize the change. He was getting deranged! He had come here with all the best warriors he had to take them down. It only took asimple statement to convince them- this was a devil’s lair, and it must be destroyed!

He brought 10,000 soldiers, many of whom were masters at the level of a Golden Immortal and above. These people had been attacking the wizardry barrier around the valley for three to four hours now, butit was as solid as gold.

Yun Yanli was also a master of wizardry barriers, and his spiritual power was at the level of a Great Deity. He thought that there was no wizardry barrier in this world that he could not break and did not expect to be stuck here for so long.

Who set up this wizardry barrier?! How could it be so powerful?! How did Gu Xijiu and her people get inside? Gu Xijiu had once told him about this wizardry barrier before, though very briefly. She had said that it was complicated to break, and it was Di Fuyi who managed to find a way through.

Yun Yanli had tried to ask more questions, but he failed to get any more information. Little did he know that this wizardry barrier would become a roadblock to stop him from his mission. All of a sudden, fireworks wereissued in the distance. Yun Yanli recognized that the young palace master set it off. Apparently, she had met someone, and this was a signal to gather the people.

He followed the fireworks and flew over immediately. On a hillside, he saw a green figure surrounded by the young palace master and the rest of his men. There was also a donkey standing with the green figure. It was Mr. Zhu from the Devil World!Gu Xijiu’s apprentice!

Yun Yanli’s eyes brightened, and the ends of his lips were curved upwards.It was a smile to show that he finally found a breakthrough! To be honest, Zhu Duqing’s skills were excellent, especially his ability to open the Ruyi door, which was superb. It was handy for escaping.

He probably came because he heard that Gu Xijiu was here.He did not expect to be seen by the young palace master who had a pair of sharp eyes. The young palace master was highly intelligent and knew that Zhu Duqing was good at fleeing. Hence, she went after his donkey instead, who was busy looking for food.

The donkey was certainly highly skilled, as well. However, the young palace master knew how to tame the creature, so it was quickly shackled by the young palace master using a spiritual rope.

Zhu Duqing cared about his donkey a lot, and he would never abandon it. That left him with no choice. When Yun Yanli arrived, he moved so fast that it looked as though he was teleporting. In a matter of seconds, he was right in front of Zhu Duqing with a net in his hand to capture Zhu Duqing.

Gu Xijiu’s apprentice tried to struggle but still could not get rid of the net. Yun Yanli was certainly very happy with his new prized possession. He smiled at him. “Mr. Zhu, how are you? It is good that you could make it!”

Zhu Duqing’s handsome face looked outraged. “Yun Yanli, I did not expect you to be such a cruel person!”

Yun Yanli ignored him and took him to the front of the wizardry barrier. He then shouted, “Mr. Zhu from the Devil World is in my hands. Di Fuyi, quickly ask your people to open the wizardry barrier, or I will kill him here!”

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