Chapter 2506 Will It Explode?

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“No, I have lost at least a dozen pills. This is one of them. I put them in this tent, and they were still here before I left. However, when I came back, they were all missing. I was gone for less than an hour.”

Kun Xueyi remained silent.

Gu Xijiu suspected that something had drilled out from the ground and stole it. Therefore, she tried to check the ground to see if there was any hole.

“Miss Gu, rest assured. If someone entered the tent, I would have picked it up!”

Kun Xueyi’s two wings pointed at each other in front of his chest as if pinching a spell. After a while, many fluffs were flying out from the tip of the wings to all corners of the tent. After a while, these fluffs all flew in the same direction and started hovering over the hand of the jade statue. The tip of the fluffs was all pointing in one direction- the hands of the jade!

Kun Xueyi remained silent.

“Did it come alive and take the pills away?” Kun Xueyi went around the jade a couple of times. He seemed to smell something and finally turned to look at Gu Xijiu. “The statue has consumed the pills!”

Gu Xijiu’s heart jumped! “Really? It looks the same, though.”

Kun Xueyi looked at the jade statue again. “There is no change in its appearance, but maybe it was activated by the pill’s aura. Perhaps the jade statue has turned into spiritual jade.”

Kun Xueyi looked like he wanted to break the jade statue and take a look inside it, so Gu Xijiu had to keep him away from the jade statue. She suddenly reported that there was some danger at the wizardry barrier and asked him to go there to have a look.

Kun Xueyi went out of the tent as instructed, and the moment he left, Gu Xijiu looked at the hands of the statue and faintly felt that the color of his hands turned slightly red.

“Well, were the medicines absorbed by you?” Gu Xijiu’s finger touched the hand of the jade statue as she asked. When she made contact with the statue, she was shocked.She could sense a faint spiritual power in the hands of the jade statue.

She decided to grab the statue’s hands and could now feel that there was powerful energy inside of the statue! When it rushed to her fingers, she subconsciously withdrew her hand and quickly called the Firmament Stone, “Little Cang, can you check if the statue is full of spiritual power?”

The Firmament Stone flew down from her wrist and wrapped itself around the wrist of the jade statue. After a while, it fell off. “Master, the power inside it is too strong! I… I can’t stand it.”

When it was talking, the jade statue seemed to have trembled slightly, and there was a faint light on its body. It looked bizarre. It seemed that there was a flame burning from the inside of the jade statue.

“Master, will it explode?” The Firmament Stone was stunned and looked at the jade statue, expecting it to explode from having too much spiritual power.

Gu Xijiu’s facial expression changed! If the jade statue were to blow up, he would disappear forever! The fear of losing him certainly made Gu Xijiu panicked.She bit her lips and rushed forward to hold the hands of the jade statue. She wanted to absorb some spiritual power from it so that it would not explode. However, she realized that she was not able to absorb anything.

It was strange because the last time Di Fuyi meditated, the Firmament Stone was able to absorb some spiritual power from him, but this time she could not! She could sense that the statue was full of power, but none of it seemed to be overflowing out of the statue.

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