Chapter 2491 What Had Changed With Yun Yanli?

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The giant bird seemed to have slanted to one side and was falling at a quick speed. Meanwhile, Yun Yanli moved back a little and steadied himself.

It seemed that the giant bird had kept away its wings and transformed into its human form. Gracefully, his robes fluttered in the wind. “Mr. Yun, are you unwilling to let me go? Why are you following me around like a stubborn wife going after her husband? Do you really want me so badly?”

In his human form, the creature had a unique look of a beautiful woman. However, the way he spoke was as hoarse as a man. Yun Yanli struggled to accept how to feel about it.

“You knew that I was following you from the beginning!”

Yun Yanli’s tracking spell was usually good enough to keep him under the radar. He had never been discovered before, which made this his first-ever failure. How did the Kun manage to foil his plan?

“Perhaps, lovers can understand each other without words.” Kun Xueyi then gave the man a few innocent winks. “Governor Yun, you are certainly obsessed with me, aren’t you? That explains why you refuse to let me leave.” The creature then smiled at him.

Yun Yanli was no longer interested in this man’s pointless talk that had only served to deceive him over and over. He simply acknowledged the creature with a condescending sneer. “That is true; I really am in love with you. Now, let me show you how eager I am to get you!”

He waved his hand, and a sword immediately appeared in his palm. He aimed the sword at Kun Xueyi and launched a series of deadly moves toward him. It was undoubtedly a ferocious attack, so Kun Xueyi did not have time to respond to Yun Yanli’s last statement. While attempting to avoid his attacks, Kun Xueyi could tell that Yun Yanli intended to end his life this time around.

In fact, Kun Xueyi did not know that Yun Yanli had been tailing him. It was Gu Xijiu who suddenly reminded him to be careful of Yun Yanli, as the man’s nature was very unpredictable. Therefore, he became alert and pretended to take a longer route while trying to assess if the man was really following him.Soon, he was able to sense Yun Yanli’s aura nearby.

He was thankful for Gu Xijiu’s reminder. Otherwise, he would have brought the mad governor directly to Di Fuyi. He then circled the air a few times to confuse Yun Yanli before finally exposing him. He thought that Yun Yanli wanted him alive, so he was not worried about his safety. However, the current situation had proven otherwise.

“What had changed with Yun Yanli?” Kun Xueyi accidentally blurted his thoughts out loud while dodging the man’s attacks.

“Aren’t you the Kun? I have been looking for you for so long. I heard that there is a pearl inside each Kun that can be refined and consumed. Apparently, it can help purify anyone’s body. Hence, with the pearl, I will no longer need to worry about being obsessed with my practice.”

Yun Yanli had achieved his progress through the use of black magic. It was a shortcut without any proper foundation, so grievance and resentment would slowly accumulate in his body over time due to the wayward method. In fact, any tiny advancement in his spiritual power right now would crush every vein in his body, so he dared not take the risk.

Shen Jiuli and his wife were both immortals of the highest rank, which was the ninth level for now. As for Yun Yanli, he was only at the first level of the same bracket, so his standards greatly differed from theirs. He could not even fight Ning Xuemo, let alone Shen Jiuli.

However, the situation would be different once he possessed the pearl of the Kun. The pearl could erase all of the resentment that he carried through his dark practices, leaving him only with the purest source of spiritual power in his body. Therefore, he was determined to get the pearl.

He was suddenly not so keen about killing Di Fuyi and used all of his power to fight with Kun Xueyi. Every strike launched was deadly, as he was hoping that he could kill the Kun and retrieve the pearl he desired.

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