Chapter 2480 To Verify The Authenticity

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Was this kid… Was he going to discover his identity in advance?

Ning Xuemo was terrified by the sight, and her eyes were reddened. She grabbed Shen Jiuli’s sleeves and said, “Divine Lord, what has happened to him!?”

“Xuemo, do you know how butterflies come from cocoons?”

“Yes! The butterfly is merely a worm before it turns into a butterfly. Before it becomes a butterfly, it has to be enveloped by a cocoon. Why are you asking me this question at this time? Are you trying to suggest that this jade statue is his cocoon?”

Shen Jiuli nodded. “You could say so.” The man was curious whether Di Fuyi would recall his identity as the master of the heavenly law or Huang Tu. Who would he be?

Ning Xuemo was a little relieved upon hearing Shen Jiuli’s explanation. Nonetheless, she was still curious, “When will he break out of the statue?”

Shen Jiuli did not know the answer as this was his first time witnessing such an event. All he knew was that a butterfly would generally take a few days to break out of its cocoon, so perhaps Di Fuyi might also take a few days.

“Do you think Miss Gu is startled by the fact that our Nianmo has become jade statue?” Ning Xuemo was wondering what she would do to the statue. “She didn’t see Nianmo actually change into a statue. What if she suspects that Nianmo had been kidnapped? Or worse, will she crack open the jade statue to check if it is him?”

Shen Jiuli silently paid attention to Gu Xijiu’s actions. It was clear that Gu Xijiu was surprised by the turn of events. Although she was trying to stay calm, it was evident from her fingers that she was trembling in fear. Although Ning Xuemo was worried that Gu Xijiu might crack open the statue, seeing her worried for her son gave her a sense of delight. Simultaneously, she also felt like jumping in to tell Gu Xijiu what was really going on.

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu did not crack open the jade statue. Instead, she began to remove his robe after some careful thought.Ning Xuemo was obviously shocked by her actions.

“Piakk!” Along with a sound, the water mirror disappeared. Shen Jiuli had kept the mirror. It was inappropriate for them to watch any further.

“What was going on? Why did she strip off his clothes?”

“To verify the authenticity of the statue.” Shen Jiuli responded briefly.

Ning Xuemo was speechless. “They are… Have they shared an intimate moment already?”

“Xuemo, Nianmo has grown up. Furthermore, they were originally husband and wife…” It could be implied from these statements that the two of them had already been intimate with one another.

“No wonder when I look at Miss Gu, I could feel that something is not right… Is she pregnant?” Ning Xuemo generally paid more attention to her son than to Gu Xijiu. However, she did have a strange feeling that something was not right with her.

Shen Jiuli seemed to have chocked all of a sudden. “This… I didn’t pay attention.” How could he pay attention to the belly of his daughter-in-law? However, upon further contemplation, it could be true that Gu Xijiu was pregnant. That would mean that Shen Jiuli would soon be a grandfather! That made him somewhat disappointed.

Ning Xuemo pulled him up all of a sudden and said, “Divine Lord, let’s go and look for them! One of them has become a jade statue, while the other is pregnant. Furthermore, they are in such a dangerous environment. Xijiu will not be able to protect them both. We have to help them!”

Shen Jiuli sighed. He had been hiding something from her but decided to tell her the truth. “Xuemo, we came to this world by accident. It would be difficult to return to heaven, so I can only imagine that it is even harder to go to the Shura World. We might not be able to get there even in six months…”

Ning Xuemo remained silent

Gu Xijiu finally removed every piece of clothing from the jade statue; she saw the birthmark at the top of his thigh. Of course, inevitably, she also saw something that she probably should not have seen without permission. It was the same size as it was in her memory.

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