Chapter 2479 He Felt That He Had Lived For Too Long

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Who was he in his past life? While both of them were discussing, Di Fuyi had begun to rearrange the starry array.Ning Xuemo had her eyes wide open as she watched her son on the high platform. “He… He actually knows how to rearrange this starry array!”

Shen Jiuli found it quite captivating as well but was not as surprised as his wife. He said, “It’s not unexpected. This is what he used to do.” Shen Jiuli had suspected that his son had slowly regained his memories as the Lord on Earth. However, it seemed that he recalled his memories as the master of heavenly law first.Things just kept getting more and more interesting.

It would appear that the Purple Cloud Mushroom that Gu Xijiu let him eat seemed to be very useful in the end. Being an expert in array formations, Shen Jiuli could naturally understand the layout of the array made by Di Fuyi. He was truly amazed.

Ning Xuemo was also very proud of her son. “I didn’t expect him to be able to put together such a complicated starry array!” She was not aware that Di Fuyi used to chart the fate of the world in his past life. This starry array had almost 10,000 of spiritual crystal; however, Di Fuyi was used to playing around with 100 million stars. Needless to say, it was many times more complicated than this one. This was probably just a children’s toy for him.

That being said, the boy had not discovered his true identity yet. Otherwise, he would not even show the slightest fear if he had to face ten Yun Yanli’s. Shen Jiuli was still rather surprised that Yun Yanli dared to challenge Di Fuyi. Perhaps, he felt that he had lived for too long.

Shen Jiuli silently lit up a candle for Yun Yanli in his heart. If Yun Yanli only offended him, he would be kind enough just to kill him and let him be reincarnated. However, the person that Yun Yanli was messing with now…He could foresee that Yun Yanli would suffer from a miserable ending to his life. He might not even have a soul left to reincarnate.

While being occupied in his thoughts, Ning Xuemo suddenly tugged at his sleeve. “Divine Lord, what happened to Nianmo?”

Shen Jiuli looked at the water mirror and saw that Di Fuyi’s body was undergoing abrupt, significant changes. Later, they saw that Gu Xijiu had replaced Di Fuyi in rearranging the spiritual crystal. Meanwhile, the Firmament Stone was busy like a bee jumping from wrist to wrist.

As Gu Xijiu was busy rearranging the spiritual crystals, she did not see what had happened to Di Fuyi, who was behind her. Nevertheless, Shen Jiuli and Ning Xuemo witnessed everything. In the beginning, Di Fuyi was meditating. His body’s veins were moving up and down like waves. It made Shen Jiuli’s heart pound in his chest. For a moment, he thought that his son might even explode.

Ning Xuemo was more nervous than him. “Divine Lord, didn’t you say that you had given him a pill that he could use to save his life? You told him to use it at the most critical moment. Why hasn’t he use it yet?”

Shen Jiuli turned his attention to Gu Xijiu and sighed. “The pill… has been given to someone else.”

Ning Xuemo kept silent then and there. She knew what had happened and could not help but sigh. “This kid has no memories of his past lives, but he has always been good to his wife.”

The couple continued to observe the mirror, eager to help if they could. However, they could not do anything as they watched Di Fuyi slowly turn into a jade statue.Di Fuyi wanted to say something to Gu Xijiu, but he could not speak anymore. The entire transformation happened in seconds.

Ning Xuemo was stunned to the point where she felt that her heart had risen to her throat. “Divine Lord, Nianmo….”

Shen Jiuli stared at the jade statue, and he looked surprised too. It seemed that he did not see this coming.

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