Chapter 2477 To Come Up With This Idea!

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There were a man and a woman at the pavilion. The woman was dressed in red, while the man was dressed in white. Their appearances were undoubtedly stunning. Perhaps their attractiveness would catch anyone’s attention. However, even thoughmany people came to the peak of the mountain, none of them could see them. Apparently, they had set up a wizardry barrier around them.

Leisurely, the man took a moment to observe the scenery around him. He sighed. “Xuemo, this is the modern life that you have been thinking about. Other than the slightly fancy lights and taller buildings, there is nothing special about this place.”

“My Divine Lord, you have not fully understood my view of this place. The moon is always brighter athome. This is my home. Of course, I naturally think that it is the best place. You and I have finally come to this world in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th. It is the day meant for family reunions. Can you be a little more positive?”

The man and woman at the pavilion were Shen Jiuli and Ning Xuemo. In their adventures of traveling through time and space, theyinadvertently fell into the wormhole and ended up in the modern world. As it was right about the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ning Xuemo took Shen Jiuli to the Taihu Lake to celebrate the festival.

Shen Jiuli was a person who enjoyed the tranquility as opposed to large crowds, so Ning Xuemo brought him to the peak of the mountain to enjoy the view of the moon.

“It would have been good if Nianmo was here.” Ning Xuemo took a sip of wine and sighed after uttering her previous sentence. She still missed her son. In fact, she wanted to head to the Shura World to check on him. However, the Divine Lord did not let her go. He said that this was a challenge that Nianmo had to endure on his own. Otherwise, it would create a bigger mess. Therefore, Ning Xuemo had to ignore her desire.

Nonetheless, to alleviate her concerns, Shen Jiuli occasionally opened a unique water mirror to check on the status of their son. The water mirror was developed by Shen Jiuli and proved to be very useful. However, the first time he opened the mirror, he was stunned by what he saw! He saw himself! But to be accurate,he actually saw an imitation of himself by Di Fuyi’s comrade.

As Kun Xueyi was very talented, his impersonation of the Divine Lord was very accurate.Ning Xuemo could not help but praise the creature, “He looks really similar to you!” Of course, she could not help but take the opportunity to praise her son too. “Our son is really clever to have come up with this idea!”

She then looked at Yun Yanli and frowned. “What strange practices has this man been using? His skills have improved so quickly! He is already at the level of a Great Deity!”

Shen Jiuli looked calm. “This is the work of the ancient sorcerer. Do you remember Luo Jiuchen? He created a peerless killer in a matter of months that almost destroyed the world. Yun Yanli is like an upgraded version of that peerless monster. Do you think Luo Jiuchen is the person behind this mess?”

Ning Xuemo shook her head. “Luo Jiuchen has locked away. When Nianmo was born, he was only released for a brief moment. He was sealed away very shortly after that. According to my estimations, he would not have had any interactions with Yun Yanli.”

Shen Jiuli nodded. “You are right. Perhaps, someone else is behind all this craziness.”

Ning Xuemo felt rather uneasy at the thought of it. “Divine Lord, Nianmo’s spiritual power is too low. He might not be able to deal with Yun Yanli. Furthermore, if there is someone more powerful behind the scenes, I am afraid that… Why don’t we go to the Shura World now to intervene?”

Shen Jiuli’s fingertips seemed to have moved in a motion that suggested he was counting something. He then shook his head once he was done. “No, Xuemo, this is Nianmo’s challenge. You and I cannot intervene. Otherwise, the situation will be worse!”

“Will he be able to pass through this disaster?”

Shen Jiuli smiled and only said two words, “Don’t worry.” He closed the water mirror abruptly and changed the topic.

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