Chapter 2474 Rearranging The Starry Array (3)

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“Master, his body is reacting!” The Firmament Stone flashed a message in her mind. Swiftly, it attached itself to Di Fuyi’s wrist in an attempt to absorb the overflowing spiritual power from his body.

Once it attached itself to Di Fuyi’s wrist, it immediately felt as though it was being scalded! Unable to suppress the pain, it quickly told Gu Xijiu, “Master, I am afraid that I can’t take it much longer!”

“You must!” Gu Xijiu did not give it the option to withdraw.

Di Fuyi seemed to be in excruciating pain, as well. He was trembling in pain but still tried hard to resist the effects. Gu Xijiu was trying to put his body in a suitable position to meditate, but he shook his head at her attempt. “I still have… the last two…”

He lifted his sleeve again, but he did not seem to have control over his hands. Therefore, he was unable to put together a spell with his fingers.

“You have to meditate now! Forget about the array!” Gu Xijiu looked at his drenched forehead and grew anxious.

“No… If I let it be, this place will still exist, and who knows what disaster will strike next. I must… I must move…” Di Fuyi was determined to finish his work. He was just two moves away!

“Tell me how to move them. Let me do it!” Gu Xijiu was also determined to make sure Di Fuyi stayed alive.

“To move this, you need… you need to be at least at the level of a Golden Immortal… Otherwise… The grievances inside the crystals will consume you.” Di Fuyi did not want her to take the risk.

Gu Xijiu took a deep breath and was not ready to risk his life either. “Let me try.” She had already seen the spiritual crystal that Di Fuyi wanted to move, so she pinched her fingers together to cast a spell. It was actually the same spell that Di Fuyi had used. “Quickly tell me the method to move it; let me try!”

At this moment, the spiritual power in Di Fuyi’s body all haywire. He couldn’t control the spiritual crystals anymore. He saw that Gu Xijiu could actually cast the spell and that she was determined to make it work. If he did not give her a chance, she would certainly be furious at him.

“All right, I will tell you the steps, but if anything seems wrong, please stop.” Di Fuyi then told her how to move the crystals and also told her where the two crystals needed to be placed. Gu Xijiu needed to recite some kind of rhyme to complete the process. Although it was not long, it was certainly rather strange. Despite Gu Xijiu’s wealth of experiences, even she did not understand it. Fortunately, she just needed to recite it and did not need to understand it.

As Gu Xijiu was undoubtedly intelligent, she managed to remember everything and started moving the crystals. However, she was nowhere near as graceful as Di Fuyi.When he moved these crystals earlier, it seemed like they were weightless as his movements were free and easy. However, Gu Xijiu did not have the same experience.

Moving the small crystals felt as though she was trying to move a mountain; she needed to use all her strength. Shefelt like an ant that was trying to push an elephant!

The grievances attached to the crystal were very reluctant to be moved. They had used their strength to stay in place as well.Gu Xijiu had been sweating all over but only managed to move one of the crystals a little. Unfortunately, the crystal was still several feet away from its intended location.

Gu Xijiu frowned in disappointment. Judging from the difficulties that she was facing, it would take her several hours to move both crystals to their intended locations. That was assuming that she would even have any spiritual power left in her body to continue to move it.

The Firmament Stone suddenly flew over and attached itself to her wrist. “Master, my spiritual power has reached its capacity. Let me transfer some spiritual power to you.”

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