Chapter 2468 Don’t Be Fooled By His Appearance

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“In all honesty, Kun Xueyi is not my subordinate. He is a friend. In the past, he and a close friend of his had violated the rules in the Devil Kingdom. I personally went to apprehend him. Kun Xueyi once held me back for nearly an hour. Believe me, with Kun Xueyi’s perverted means, Yun Yanli will be going nowhere. Ifhe can get away from him within five hours, he is considered very capable!”

“He is undoubtedly powerful then.” Gu Xijiu said with a sigh. Someone who could hold Di Fuyi for nearly an hour must not be someone ordinary.

Di Fuyi pulled her into his arms and continued, “I am the most powerful, though! Do not boast about other men to me!” It appeared that Di Fuyi was rather jealous of other men.

Instead of being annoyed, Gu Xijiu actually liked it. “Yes, you are the best.” Gu Xijiu entertained him. She turned back and pinched his face. “My Fuyi is the best! No one can compete with you.”

Even though that was what Di Fuyi wanted to hear, the manner in which it was done made him feel as though Gu Xijiu was coaxing a child. Having his face pinched certainly added to that feeling. After that, Di Fuyi held her hand and did not let her do it again.

Gu Xijiu then recalled the moment when she was making the necessary arrangements with Di Fuyi while they were in the carriage. Kun Xueyi stood there with the appearance of Shen Jiuli, listening very gracefully and only speaking when necessary. When Di Fuyi asked him to do something, he would always respond very quickly.

However, when Di Fuyi asked him to impersonate Gu Xijiu as a way to confuse Yun Yanli, he refused to do it.He told Di Fuyi that he could hold the opponent for more than five hours, but he could not go to Leguo City and meet them afterward. He wanted to return to Luosha Sea.

Earlier, when the young palace master received the news from Yun Yanli, Gu Xijiu was not too far away and could hear the conversation. Although Yun Yanli did not say where he was, it was apparent that he was not coming back anytime soon. That was proof that Kun Xueyi succeeded in holding him up.

Even though Gu Xijiu was relieved, she still had some concerns about the man’s safety. After all, Yun Yanli was extraordinarily powerful. Kun Xueyi might not be able to cope with him if the two were to get into an intense battle.

“Don’t worry, Kun Xueyi’s original body is that of a Kun. He can transform into thousands of different forms. Even Yun Yanli would struggle to get him.” Di Fuyi gave her reassurance.

A Kun Peng had wings that were 9,000 miles wide. A Kun is a mythological beast. In the sea, it was a Kun. However, on land, it was a golden-winged giant Peng. It could transform into any shape. It could even transform into something as huge as a mountain or as tiny as a speck of dust. Gu Xijiu had only heard about it but had never seen it before. She did not expect Di Fuyi to have such a capable ally.Regardless of how powerful Yun Yanli was, he could not catch a molecule in the water.

No wonder his stealth technique was so good. He was not invisible but just made himself become infinitely small so that people could not even see him. If Kun Xueyi really wanted to escape, Yun Yanli might not be able to catch him at all. Hence, Gu Xijiu let out a sigh of relief.

Di Fuyi took her hand and said, “You will need to stay far away from Kun Xueyi.”

“Ah? Why?”

“This person is very flirty.”


“It is just his character. He likes to play with girls. You need to stay far away from him.”

Gu Xijiu carefully recalled the appearance of Kun Xueyi. “I think he is cool. When you ordered him to work, he did not even question you and always took your commands very seriously.”

Di Fuyi raised his hand and touched her hair. “Don’t be fooled by his appearance.”

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