Chapter 2460 The Inducement

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Yun Yanli launched a strike at the big ice cube. The attack did not break the ice but somehow managed to hurt the man inside the ice cube. The attack severely hurt the victim, and the complexion on his face slowly faded away. He could not help but spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

His blood had stained almost every corner of the ice on the inside. Shocked, Yun Yanli finally noticed that the man’s body was slowly melting away. Could he be a jellyfish? Once a jellyfish dies, it would just melt away in the water.

Yun Yanli had fallen for a few of the man’s trick, so he dared not make another move just yet. He tried to read the man’s pulse by placing his hand on the surface of the ice.To his dismay, he found out that the man was slowly losing signs of life.

The realization surprised Yun Yanli, as he did not want the creature to die right away. If the creature died, he would lose his leverage against Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu.Hence, he quickly performed a spell to melt the ice away and was shocked to realize that the creature’s body no longer had any colors. As soon as the ice disappeared, the man collapsed to the bottom of the sea, seemingly lifeless.

Strangely, even the blue robes that he was wearing turned white. Meanwhile, the look on his face slowly turned pale as he swayed along with the current lifelessly.Yun Yanli could not watch him die. He stuffed a pill into the man’s mouth that could help him recover.

In order to prevent the man from playing any tricks, he put his hand around the man’s weakest point, while feeding the pill to him. In case of an unexpected event, he would launch another strike at the man.

After he fed him with the pill, the man still remained lifeless. Yun Yanli suspected that the man had died since there was no pulse present. Also, the man did not swallow the pill. It remained in his mouth.

Was the man dead? Could he really be so fragile? Yun Yanli was aware that he had launched a deadly strike. Even a Golden Immortal would be greatly severely wounded, so this Junior Immortal would certainly have felt its effects.

The man did not possess a high degree of spiritual power. All he had were some weird, surprising moves. Moreover, Yun Yanli had yet to figure out the man’s species. Perhaps, he was a fragile creature.

Having regretted his actions, Yun Yanli lowered his body in an attempt to check if the man was breathing. With his other hand, he placed his palm on the man’s chest while trying to channel some spiritual power to keep him alive.

What happened next was completely out of Yun Yanli’s expectations. If he could choose again, he would let the creature die. However, there was no way to turn back time. Yun Yanli had to admit that he had fallen for another trick.

The seemingly lifeless man bounced back to life as soon as Yun Yanli touched his chest. The man’s small, delicate mouth opened up widely and fiercely as he took a quick bite of Yun Yanli’s hand. Yun Yanli’s spiritual power was usually strong enough to keep his skin protected from attacks, but to his surprise, the man’s protruding, canine teeth managed to punch two holes through his skin.

Out of anger, Yun Yanli launched a strike that hit the man’s chest. He was sent across the water.

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