Chapter 2456 The Ladyboy

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He heaved a regretful sigh at the realization that since Gu Xijiu knew how to make a paper doll, she could easily produce a second or even a third doll to mislead him. He had no idea what he would run into if he continued to track her soul. There could be a trap waiting for him at every corner.Therefore, he decided to change his target.

Could he go after Di Fuyi? He was unsure, for Di Fuyi’s soul was no longer the same. Also, he was Gu Xijiu’s top priority, so she would definitely make the same misleading paper dolls for him. Therefore, the result would be fruitless.

However, as it would consume a great amount of her spiritual power to attach the essence of their souls onto the paper dolls, Yun Yanli guessed that Gu Xijiu would not do it for everyone else. If he decided to track down Guardian Jin and Guardian Hua, he should be able to find Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi as well. Unfortunately, they had not physically engaged with Yun Yanli, so there was not a trace of their souls that Yun Yanli could use to make a clear path.

Suddenly, he paused to think about the squid monster. He had part of the squid’s arm in his possession and speculated that after the squid ran away, it would definitely go back to meet up with Gu Xijiu. He laughed at the faint trace of hope that he had of finding them.

The trace guided him all the way to a sea of violent waves. Waves of water washed the shore and hit the corals with mighty splashes. By the sea, a person was sitting on one of the many corals that lined the coast. The person was elegantly dressed, with hair that was smoothly combed and long enough to touch the surface of the water, swirling around as gently as a revolving seaweed.

The person sat with legs crossed and looked into the distance, seemingly preoccupied. It was already evening at the time. The sky was filled with rolls of emerging red clouds. The rain of blood, which occurred once every ten days, was about to happen very soon.

The blood rain was very poisonous. It had the ability to speed up the growth of most plants but caused mutation in most animals. As for the humans, their skin would immediately be eroded as soon as they came in contact with the raindrops.There was no cure for it. To make matters worse, the rain could even harm one’s soul.

Some people had claimed that the bats were actually the transformation of all the souls that had died innocently in the rain. Fortunately, the sea had the ability to dilute the eroding elements in the blood rain. Hence, when the rain occurred, deep-sea beings would remain unaffected. Only the animals that lived two or three meters below the surface would be harmed.

Yun Yanli tracked the octopus creature all the way down here, only to find the person sitting on a coral. As the person was not facing Yun Yanli, he could not tell the gender of that individual. However, when tracing its soul, he was sure that the person must be the squid monster.

Was he or she recovering by the sea? Had Gu Xijiu and the rest of them dived into the sea? Alarmed, the person turned around and stared at Yun Yanli. Yun Yanli could finally see the stranger’s face and was shocked.

The person had an enchanting face, centered with a high nose and a pair of bright, emerald eyes that were complemented with thick lashes. The creature had lips that were attractively tinted with a shade of pale red. Every time the person blinked, his or her watery eyes glistened vividly like the waves.

Dressed with dark green robes that were elegantly embellished, the person had one arm that remained uncovered. Chains of shells and pearls circled the person’s wrist and jingled with every move. It was melodious. Theother arm was covered, so Yun Yanli could not tell if it was still attached. However, there was no sign of any apparent injury.

The person slowly rose. The individual’s robes danced in the gusts of wind. Yun Yanli was astonished as the person seemed to be naked under the loose robes. His or her bare, long legs were obviously noticeable. The smooth and supple skin of the person would catch the attention of any onlooker.

There was only a silver bracelet that was secured on the person’s ankle without any shoes. When he or she walked, the silver bracelet shone with sparkling lights following every step.

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