Chapter 2452 The Escape

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The Divine Lord’s voice could be heard from inside the cabin. “What is the matter? Just voice your concern from outside the cabin.”

Yun Yanli said hesitantly, “The matter is confidential. I shall tell you face to face later. I can wait.”

The Divine Lord sounded disinterested. “As you wish.”

Yun Yanli bowed at the response. He seemed polite, but he was actually just acting in order to assess the situation.The cabin was not entirely soundproof, so he could hear what was actually happening behind closed doors.

“My Lord, let me go outside and have a look. Yun Yanli is a friend. If he is here, he may have something urgent to tell us. Perhaps he can share it with me,” Gu Xijiu requested.

“Stay put,” the Divine Lord answered briefly.

“Xijiu, if he is your friend, he can wait. Let me lean against your shoulder for a while,” Di Fuyi sounded relaxed and unconcerned, as usual.

Yun Yanli was astonished.

He started to question his earlier judgment. There seemed to be nothing abnormal from their conversation. Was he overthinking the situation? In fact, he was afraid of the Divine Lord, so before he found out more about who he was dealing with, it would be wise that he did not act impulsively. Thus, he waited.

Guardians Jin and Hua finally had time to tidy themselves up. They looked completely different from the time where they had just escaped from the trap in the poisonous swamp. The two men actually looked quite smart.

Yun Yanli had never met the men before, so he was unsure if they were really the courtiers from the Devil Kingdom. With a smile, he tried to start a conversation. “Both of you certainly dashing! You had looked so shabby earlier.”

Guardian Jin interrupted him with a hiss as he said hoarsely, “The Divine Lord prefers tranquility. Stay silent!”

Yun Yanli was speechless. It seemed that he did not even have the chance to get more information from the men. However, now was not the time to start a brawl. With a smile, he continued to remain quiet. With a flick of his finger, a flash of white light emerged and rose into the air all of a sudden.

Guardian Jin was puzzled. “What are you doing?”

Yun Yanli answered assuredly, “I have to summon my men for protection. The Divine Lord is helping Prince Nianmo with his injury, so there should not be any external disruption at all. I can see that it is getting late. The blood rain and bloody bats will arrive anytime now. My men can build a small wizardry barrier to keep this cabin safe.”

In actuality, he could not recognize Guardians Jin and Hua, but his men could. The flash of white light was genuinely a call to summon his men, but his intention was different from what he had informed the two gentlemen.

Guardian Jin was unimpressed. “Why should the Divine Lord require your men’s assistance to keep the cabin safe? There is no need!”

Yun Yanli’s smile never faded. “Don’t worry. My men will only secure the perimeter; they should not cause any problems. The Divine Lord rarely visits, so I must take this chance to show my hospitality.”

“Hospitality? What makes you think that the Shura World is your territory? Who do you think you are?” Guardian Jin questioned his position.

Casually, Yun Yanli fanned himself while gesturing Guardian Jin to keep quiet. “The Divine Lord prefers tranquility. Stay silent!”

Guardians Jin and Hua stared at one another with their mouth agape, not knowing what to say. Before they could come up with a response, Gu Xijiu suddenly emerged. “What are you arguing about?”

The Guardians immediately bowed to her out of respect. “Miss Gu.”

Yun Yanli was ready to perform a spell, but Gu Xijiu’s presence changed his mind. He put his fingers down and said politely, “Xijiu, how is Prince Nianmo doing?”

“Fine. Yanli, the Divine Lord will see you later; please be patient.” Gu Xijiu looked calm as she spoke to him. She then gave Guardians Jin and Hua a wave and said, “Both of you, come in here. The Divine Lord has something to tell you.”

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