Chapter 2447 The Strongest Backup (6)

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“Master, are you going to let him go just like that?” One of his men did not feel that it was a wise decision.

Yun Yanli was a little distracted. “What can he do for me if I make him stay?”

“He is the man who can produce the Devil Quenching clothing. Master, didn’t you plan on getting him on board as one of us? Your plan to conquer the Devil Kingdom relies greatly on him.”

Yun Yanli finally recovered from his preoccupation. Indeed, he had always wanted to convince Mr. Zhu to join him, but the man had barely even left the Devil Kingdom. Also, it was not always easy to find him, as he was clearly a very sneaky man.

It was probably even more difficult to convince him to make the Devil Quenching clothing. How could Yun Yanli forget such an important thing?

“Go after him at full speed! Get him back for me! On second thought, I shall go after him myself!” Yun Yanli leaped forward at full speed.

Out of the entire continent in the Shura World, perhaps, it was only the Devil Kingdom that was blessed with many inhabitants. Once it was conquered, he could place another array formation there to absorb the spiritual power for himself. Only then could his Kung Fu be greatly improved to be on a par with Shen Jiuli and his wife. Therefore, the Devil Quenching clothing was essential to conquering the Devil Kingdom; without which, he would have no chance.

If Yun Yanli were to enter the Devil Kingdom without the appropriate attire, he would probably be able to survive for some time. Nonetheless, as for his people, as soon as they stepped into the land, they would immediately turn into piles of ash.

Determined, Yun Yanli used all of his strength to go after Zhu Duqing, who had just left the place two minutes ago. He was possibly traveling faster than the speed of light. Coupled with his good tracking skills, Yun Yanli believed that he would be able to find him in less than a minute.

To his disappointment, the man was nowhere to be found. In that brief moment, Zhu Duqing had already disappeared, along with his visible donkey carriage. Yun Yanli could not believe it! The carriage was only led by a donkey with an attitude problem. Even a dragon would not be able to travel so fast. It was as if the man had disappeared into thin air.

Frustrated, Yun Yanli could not help but clench his fists. Had Mr. Zhu figured out that Yun Yanli would be going after him? Had he escaped through a portal?

Zhu Duqing was indeed a cunning man, Yun Yanli thought to himself. Nonetheless, he clearly recalled that Mr. Zhu was too weak to be able to open the portal. He even refused Gu Xijiu’s request to open it and would rather take the carriage with the donkey. How did he become so powerful all of a sudden?Was he only pretending to be weak?

Furthermore, Yun Yanli had not expected a man like Zhu Duqing to acknowledge Gu Xijiu as his master. It was certainly confusing.Just at that moment, another question arose. Zhu Duqing had spent many years in the Devil Kingdom without making any appearances outside. Now that he had acknowledged Gu Xijiu as his master, that would mean that Gu Xijiu had stepped foot into the Devil Kingdom before and made her first encounter with Zhu Duqing.

Gu Xijiu would not be able to make it into the Devil Kingdom without the Devil Quenching clothing. The sudden realization left him dumbstruck! He suddenly remembered the theft in Governor Ye’s residence. Other than the spiritual stones, a rare set of Devil Quenching clothing went missing as well. Could she be the thief? Was the thief not someone from the Devil Kingdom?

Yun Yanli’s suspicion grew stronger, but he also found it hard to believe. If she really were the one who conducted the theft, she must have found out about his plan. Was she only acting in front of him? Was she worried that he might harm her? Utterly shocked, he continued to connect the dots.

He then thought about the two Guardians – Jin and Hua. These names sounded quite familiar to him. He finally recalled! The new Devil King had two courtiers, who also shared the same surnames – Jin and Hua. Had Di Fuyi become the new Devil King during the time he had disappeared?

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