Chapter 2444 The Strongest Backup (3)

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She had dropped the flute on purpose earlier so that Yun Yanli had the chance to observe the flute and lower his guard.

Upon playing the flute, the melodious tune filled the air. Gu Xijiu was a talented musician. She could sing very well and play an array of instruments. Although she could not play the flute as well as Di Fuyi, it was still very pleasing to hear.

Yun Yanli could not keep his intense gaze away from her. She looked extremely beautifulwith her long hair dancing in the breeze. It was such a surreal sight that Yun Yanli could not believe his eyes.

A sudden, painful realization came to Yun Yanli. He had fallen for her. In fact, he wanted her very badly. Although she had a very low profile, she always stood out wherever she went. Furthermore, her Kung Fu was so powerful that no one could disrespect her.

He thought that he was the perfect match for her when he was still a prince back in heaven, so he decided to stay by her side and fulfill her every wish. Secretly, he hoped that his actions would touch her heart one day.

It was completely beyond his expectation that his world would change so radically. He had lost his status and even become a wanted man. However, Gu Xijiu seemed to still enjoy his company and even saved his life. He clearly liked her very much, but the feeling was never mutual.

Although Yun Yanli could be very evil, he would never do anything to hurt Gu Xijiu. Although women were known to do illogical things when they were in love, Yun Yanli was just the same. Whenever Gu Xijiu was around, he was always tensed. He would have to try to mask his anxiety from her and always found himself struggling to impress her.

He was certain that the only way he could keep her around was by force. Due to Di Fuyi’s current condition, perhaps today was the best shot that he had to kill the mighty being. He knew what he needed to do, but as soon as she approached him, he immediately lost all courage and became overcautious about his decision.

He could not believe that Gu Xijiu would prefer a child over him. She used to be obsessed with a dead man. Now, she had obviously changed her mind and shared her affection with another man. Many thoughts bombarded his uneasy mind that kept fueling his fury. His fists were ready to fight, but he still could not find the courage.

The song had finally come to an end, but the enchanting notes were still lingering in the air.

“The was a great one!” Yun Yanli exclaimed with a tone of admiration. Then, he immediately changed the topic, “Xijiu, aren’t you going to look for Huang Tu anymore?”

There was no doubt in her mind that she should not tell him that Di Fuyi was actually Huang Tu. Hence, she gave a rather equivocal reply, “I shall pursue that search again if fate brings me back on that path.”

In fact, Di Fuyi and Huang Tu were one and the same. The main difference was their memories. She had forgotten about the past, too, so his lack of memory about their past did not make any difference to her. She was in love with the man, and that was enough.

Yun Yanli was smart, but he grasped a different meaning from Gu Xijiu’s intended message. He thought that she had already found herself a new sweetheart, so Huang Tu no longer meant anything to her.

“Oh, I see. Xijiu, I did not know that you would fall in love with someone else.”

His fingers then moved in a planned motion and were ready to cast a spell. He was finally determined to launch his first strike and would do so when Gu Xijiu was least prepared. All of a sudden, a voice came from afar. “Nianmo, are you there?”

Shocked, Yun Yanli immediately looked up and was perplexed.

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