Chapter 2443 The Strongest Backup (2)

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Di Fuyi proceeded to swallow another pill.

“What are you doing?” Gu Xijiu quickly asked.

“This pill will help to calm the blood in my veins.” Gu Xijiu never knew that such a pill existed.She was certainly very concerned as this was her first time to have come across the pill. “Is there any side effect?”

“The pill will only temporarily suppress all of the symptoms for an hour.” When the symptoms returned an hour later, his condition would undoubtedly worsen, but Di Fuyi decided to keep the truth from her.

If there were any other way, Di Fuyi would choose not to take the pill. In the long run, it would do more harm than good to his body, but it was the only choice he could make right now.Yun Yanli had become suspicious, and Di Fuyi believed that he would attack anytime soon.

Gu Xijiu walked to the outside and saw Yun Yanli right outside her cabin. He stood tall with his hands behind him. His eyes were locked on the horizon, seemingly at ease, but Gu Xijiu could still feel his aura that spelled Di Fuyi’s death.

He turned around as soon as he heard some movement and was astonished. “Are you done treating him? That was fast.”

Gu Xijiu nodded as she put the flute into her mouth.

“Let me have a look at him.” Yun Yanli turned around and was ready to enter.

Gu Xijiu pointed the flute at his chest to stop him. “That is unnecessary. What he needs is a quiet rest. He asked for no disturbance.”

Yun Yanli could tell how serious she was at that moment. He smiled. “All right, as you wish.”

His attention was then drawn to the flute in her hand. “Do you know how to play the flute?”

“A bit.” Gu Xijiu then tried to test the sound of the flute.

“If it were not for Mr. Fuyi, I would have asked you to play a song.”

“It is fine. The sound of the flute is rather calming. A nice song can help him focus even better.”

Gu Xijiu then put the flute in position and was ready to play.

“Wait!” Yun Yanli stretched out his hand in an attempt to put away her flute.

Quickly, Gu Xijiu took a step back to avoid his hand. “What is the matter?”

Smilingly, Yun Yanli offered her another flute. “The flute is produced from the bamboo garden of Xiang Concubine. It would certainly produce a more melodious tune than the one in your hand.”

Gu Xijiu did not take it. “Are you saying that my flute is not good enough?” She asked with a tight smile.

Yun Yanli chucked as he answered casually, “That is not what I meant. I appreciate the celestial beauty in all the songs that you are going to play. A normal flute, however, will not do your talent justice.”

Gu Xijiu giggled. She studied the flute in her hand and agreed that it certainly did not look spectacular. The flute was made from a regular bamboo trunk and even had a small lump on it. However, since Di Fuyi had requested her to play that particular flute, it must mean something. Hence, she would not accept any proposal to change the flute. “I prefer a flute that preserves more originality in its creation.” She kindly rejected his offer.

She turned the flute around but did not hold it firmly. All of a sudden, it slipped and started to fall.

Yun Yanli quickly reached out to grab the falling flute in time. “You have to be more careful,” Yun Yanli complained. Swiftly, he examined the flute thoroughly and found nothing abnormal about it. He was finally relieved and returned the flute to her. “Xijiu, what song would you like to play? Perhaps, I can join in.”

Gu Xijiu wiped the flute and said, “The Nine Songs In The Sky.”

Yun Yanli paused. He had never heard of that song before. “All right, you go on then. I shall be your audience for this song.”

Deep down, Gu Xijiu wanted to sneer at him. Also, she knew that he did not have a clue about what she was up to since there was nothing odd about the flute, at least by the looks of it. She, too, had examined it before coming out of the cabin.

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