Chapter 2442 The Strongest Backup

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Yun Yanli paused before answering her concern, “He must have gone overboard in his meditation. I noticed that something was not right, so I came to check it out. I was about to help him just before you woke up.”

“Oh, I see,” Gu Xijiu answered without challenging him. She gave Yun Yanli a nod before approaching Di Fuyi to examine his pulse. There was an overflow of spiritual power in his body, like an unstoppable force that took over by storm. His vitals signs indicated that he would be experiencing a significant change.

He was obviously in pain, but he tried hard not to show it. Nonetheless, his physical state had revealed everything to Yun Yanli. His entire robe was soaked.

Gu Xijiu started to panic. She suspected that the Purple Cloud Mushrooms must be the root cause. Perhaps, he was experiencing a delayed reaction.

“How is he doing?” Yun Yanli asked, seemingly concerned.

“He is fine. He must have been too obsessed with his training. What he needs is a little recuperation. Mr. Yun, would you please leave us? I need to help him recover.”

Gu Xijiu tried to stay calm so that Yun Yanli would not know the extent of the matter. However, Yun Yanli was not a man who could be easily persuaded. The look in his eyes had clearly shown his lack of trust in what Gu Xijiu had told him, so he decided to sit right across Di Fuyi. “Xijiu, I am very good at the healing injuries in muscles and veins. Let me help him.” He then reached out to grab Di Fuyi’s wrist.

Yun Yanli possessed a good level of medical knowledge, so he wanted to find out what was wrong with Di Fuyi himself. However, before Yun Yanli could even reach Di Fuyi’s hand, he was immediately pushed away by a seven-colored ray.

The force was so great that anyone with insufficient spiritual power would have been swept out of the carriage. As for Yun Yanli, he could not help but tremble a little under the force. He felt as if his palm had been electrified. A tingling sensation still lingered in his hand even though the light had dissipated. Utterly irritated, he exclaimed, “What are you doing? I was just trying to help!”

Di Fuyi’s face was still as pale as a sheet; there were droplets of sweat all over his forehead. However, his expression remained stern as he sat with his legs crossed like a Buddha’s statue. He looked away and said unrelentingly, “Get out!”

“Mr. Yun, I would suggest that you leave,” Gu Xijiu chimed in.

Yun Yanli noticed their inhospitable nature, so he agreed. “All right, I will be outside. Call me if you need me.” He then pushed the curtains aside and left the carriage.

As soon as he walked out, Di Fuyi collapsed straight into Gu Xijiu’s arms. Gu Xijiu held him up and realized that his hands were freezing yet sweaty.

“Let’s leave this place!” Gu Xijiu could not play this game of charades any longer. It was too much of a risk due to Di Fuyi’s condition.

“No! Not now!” Di Fuyi exclaimed. “Yun Yanli must have set up a wizardry barrier that can prevent you from teleporting.”

If they tried to escape from the carriage, Yun Yanli would definitely be alarmed. He had his men all over the place and was personally very skilled in Kung Fu. They would not be able to run far before getting caught. The situation would be worse by then.

Gu Xijiu heaved a helpless sigh. “What should we do?” She then quickly took his wrist and said, “Let me help you.”

“It is too late!” Di Fuyi’s breaths hastened. Given his vast medical knowledge, he knew very well that his conditions would not get any better in a short period of time.

Instead of getting her to treat him, he passed her a flute. “Do you know how to play the song- The Nine Songs In The Sky?”

The Nine Songs In The Sky was one of the modern songs with a traditional composition that she had heard about before. She was familiar with the tune. “Yes,” she replied with a firm nod.

Di Fuyi was relieved. “If you play the tune outside, help will come to us.”

She did not know that he had another way of escaping. She was somewhat relieved to learn that he had something planned.

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