Chapter 2432 The Source Of The Spiritual Power

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Di Fuyi was surprised to find that the scent of the pill somewhat reminded him of the scent of his soul. It was a familiar, distinctive kind of smell.

“Did Huang Tu make these pills?” He asked.

Gu Xijiu shook her head. “No, I was the one who made the pills. It was produced from a special type of herb found from the place where I am from.”

Di Fuyi said nothing more and stared at the pill fixedly.

Gu Xijiu then said awkwardly, “If you are reluctant to take the pill, I can…”

Before Gu Xijiu took the pill back, Di Fuyi quickly popped it straight into his mouth. Gu Xijiu was astonished that he consumed it. She was now hopeful. “Sit properly. I shall transfer some spiritual power to help you absorb it better.”

The pill was immensely powerful, carrying a pure source of spiritual power. However, there was something deadly about the pill. It was incredibly difficult to absorb. The source of the spiritual power was so great that once it entered the body of the person who consumed it, it would cause a raging storm that filled every tiny stream instantaneously. One mistake could cost his life.

After swallowing the pill, he needed to conceal the power in a bubble and absorb it bit by bit. The pill had to be digested very slowly, so he could slowly absorb its spiritual power. The process was much more complicated than the absorption of a spiritual stone.

Usually, the complete absorption of the pill would take at least six days and six nights. It also required the receiver to meditate and transfer the energy throughout his or her body. It was guaranteed to increase the individual’s spiritual power significantly, so the price was definitely worth the trouble. Gu Xijiu wanted to wait until they had more time to give him the pill, but desperate times called for desperate measures. It was a risk that she had to take.

Di Fuyi’s body had barely any spiritual power left, so he would not be able to use his own power to control and absorb the pill. Thus, Gu Xijiu stepped in to help. She knew exactly how the pill would react; hence, she could certainly facilitate the absorption process.

Gu Xijiu had briefly calculated the time needed to travel from the swamp to Leguo City. With the speed of the carriage, they would need at least a day. A day was all she needed to help him absorb the pill.

Since Gu Xijiu offered to help, Di Fuyi would certainly not be opposed to it.He did as told and sat with his legs crossed in front of her. In sync, they pressed their palms together.

Gu Xijiu was worried that she might hurt him, so she carefully transferred her spiritual power into his body and slowly traced his veins down to his stomach. She tried to locate the pill.

Surprisingly, she could not find it.What had gone wrong?

Gu Xijiu continued to search his body but still found nothing.

“Did you swallow it?”

“I did.”

“Is it stuck in your gullet?”

“Of course not. What is the matter?” Di Fuyi was surprised by the confused look on Gu Xijiu’s face.

“It is gone.”

Di Fuyi was stunned.

“Perhaps I have absorbed it on my own? Should it melt away as soon as it passes down my throat?” When Di Fuyi swallowed the pill, he could feel a steady stream of heat slowly go down from his throat to his stomach. He could feel a brief sense of warmth in his stomach before the sensation disappeared entirely.

“It should be very difficult to digest. When I took the pill, I spent three days and three nights to absorb its power. Long Siye took even longer. He spent eight days in total.”

Gu Xijiu was very worried. She studied Di Fuyi’s body carefully, as she was concerned that the immense power would crush his veins at any second. To her surprise, Di Fuyi looked completely normal. In fact, he looked slightly better than how he was before.

“How do you feel?”

Di Fuyi tried to sense the power in his body and shook his head. “I don’t feel different.”

Gu Xijiu was even more worried now. Under normal circumstances, he should be able to feel the heat in his body within minutes of taking the pill. There should at least be sweat coming out of his face and body.

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