Chapter 2425 Meeting

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When the three men standing in the distance saw Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi, they felt like crying! The two guards rushed over and kneeled in front of Di Fuyi. “My Devil King, it’s good that you are safe!”

Zhu Duqing did not hurry to them, but subconsciously turned his body and put his clothes on properly. He tidied up his hair and even took out a wet cloth to wipe his face.

When he turned around again, he looked normal. He smiled at Gu Xijiu pleasantly and said, “Master Xijiu, I knew that you would be safe!”

Di Fuyi glanced at him and seemed to smile. “I did not expect the three of you to end up together. Zhu Duqing, I thought you said that you would be exhausted once you opened the door again? You look fine now, though.”

Zhu Duqing smiled. “If it were not your two subordinates, who gave me two of the best pills I have consumed that helped me restore my spiritual power, we would be flying pieces of ash right now! The door I opened before was set to a grassland thousands of miles away. I didn’t expect it to lead us back into the swamp. There were tumbling magma everywhere. I had nowhere to run.”

What he saw was consistent with Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi’s situation. He added, “When I noticed a gap in the wizardry barrier, I quickly opened another magical door so that we could escape.”

His explanation seemed to make sense while the two guards were also nodding their heads in agreement, so Di Fuyi dismissed the matter.

Zhu Duqing asked, “This swamp had been like a hot pot. We could not find the exit even after we ran in every direction. Our legs could not even run anymore by then. Did you create the exit? How did you do that?” He looked at Di Fuyi and continued, “You look pale. Are you injured?”

Di Fuyi looked back at him. “Do you actually care about my wellbeing? Or you are simply curious?”

Zhu Duqing waved the goose feather fan in his hand as if he was a fairy. “After all, we are a team. There is nothing wrong for me to be concerned about you, right?”

Di Fuyi did not care about him. He leaned gently on Gu Xijiu and ordered his two subordinates, “Go and bring the vehicle over.”

When they came here, they parked their vehicle outside the swamp. However, it was quite far from here. Guard Jin and Guardian Hua responded to the order and were about to head off. However, Zhu Duqing spoke, “We can take my vehicle. It is nearby.”

He blew a very long whistle into the sky, and the sound seemed to travel a very long distance. He believed that his donkey would be able to hear it and would come over very soon. Unfortunately, they had waited for half an hour, and he still did not see the shadow of his donkey.

Gu Xijiu was somewhat puzzled. She knew the skill of the donkey. None of the other creatures on this grassland were a threat to it, and it was generally very reliable. Zhu Duqing felt a little bit uneasy; he blew a whistle again.

After a long while, there was a scream in the distance. The voice of this person seemed to signal a hint of anger. Zhu Duqing’s facial expression changed. He wrinkled his brows and yelled, “Who detained my donkey?”

“It’s me…” There was a voice in the distance; it was clear and charming.

Gu Xijiu’s facial expression changed this time. She recognized that voice. It was Yun Yanli! He appeared at the scene at lightning speed, which shocked everyone.Di Fuyi, who had been leaning on Gu Xijiu, quickly stood up straight again.

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