Chapter 2424 Out Of Danger

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He also whispered a sentence into her ears, “You will need to take me out later.”

After Gu Xijiu’s acupuncture point was sealed, she could not say anything. She could only stand there like a root in the ground. Her heart continued to sink, even though she could not see what was happening.

It seemed to be just a moment,but for Gu Xijiu, it was like an eternity. Finally, her acupoint was unsealed! She pulled off the cloth on her face and looked at Di Fuyi, who was trembling. She was afraid when she saw him stained with blood and seriously injured on the ground.

The situation was better than what she had expected, however. Aside from his pale face, there was nothing visibly wrong with him. She could see that there were drops on his palm.The blood was purplish-red and translucent as if a circle of Buddha light surrounded it.

He did not expect the blood from his heart to be this color. After being stunned for a second, he began to follow the instructions given to him by the Firmament Stone to make the necessary spell. Following the procedure very carefully, he soon noticed the blood in his palm rising into the air.

The blood seemed to crash into the wizardry barrier in the air, and soon, the sharp and fierce woman’s laughter suddenly stopped and dissipated unwillingly. After that, there was a green field in the sky not far away, which was the scenery of the grassland outside the swamp.

The wizardry barrier was finally broken! Gu Xijiu did not dare to waste any time. She grabbed Di Fuyi and quickly teleported to safety.

Rolling clouds, green grass, and swaying flowers filled the scene. Although this was a rather ordinary sight, having just escaped from the cursed swamp, it was something they truly missed.

Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi stood in the grass and heaved a long sigh of relief. Finally, they had come out from the barrier! Gu Xijiu felt that her legs were a little bit soft from all the commotion. Di Fuyi was leaning on her and feeling somewhat lazy to move.

Gu Xijiu tugged his sleeve. “Let me check your injury.” She was worried about him.

He knew that he could not stop her. Therefore, he did not say anything and untied his robe to reveal the wound on his chest. The wound looked very thin, very unlike being stabbed by a knife. It was more similar to being pricked by a thick needle. It did not look dangerous at all.

Gu Xijiu looked at his face again and asked, “Is it painful?” She took out a bottle of ointment and applied it to his wound.

Di Fuyi smiled as he looked at her. He was happy that she was tending to his injury. This ointment that she used had the effect of regenerating muscles, which was the best for a wound caused by the knife.

After she applied it on his chest, the wound started to heal almost instantly. Di Fuyi leaned on Gu Xijiu and said, “Xijiu, let’s go back to the Devil Kingdom together.”


Di Fuyi never expected her to answer him so quickly. He thought that she would have a phobia to go back to the devil world. He had even prepared some witty responses to encourage her to put her worries behind. In this case, it was not needed.

The girl he loved was always genuine. If she liked him, she would give him her best. Besides, Gu Xijiu was always a straightforward person. Hence, if she said she was okay, he could take her word for it.

Gu Xijiu looked at the swamp again. There was a sea of fire that was clearly visible, but nothing else could be seen. She was worried by that sight. “I am not sure how Mr. Zhu and the two guards doing. Should we go back and look for them?” She did not want to leave her friends behind.

Before Di Fuyi answered, and a door suddenly appeared in the distance, and three people fell out at the same time. Gu Xijiu’s shone brightly at the sight. She was overjoyed! The three people were Zhu Duqing and the two guards!

However, three of them looked somewhat strange. Their hair was burned, and so were their clothes. There were ashes all over their faces. It looked like three of them had just rolled out of the black coal oven.

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