Chapter 2419 Could Not Be Saved (2)

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Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi emerged from the protective layer. The two of them were still in the same attire as before. One was wearing green clothes, and another one was wearing a purple robe.

Gu Xijiu looked a little confused. She distinctly remembered that she had sex with Di Fuyi, then she was too tired and fell asleep. When she woke up, she realized that she was in a chaotic scene with boulders rolling around; before Gu Xijiu could react, there as a white cover around her.

Then, there was a set of clothes automatically fitted on her body. She leaned against Di Fuyi and realized that he was also neatly dressed.

“Baby, let’s go out. Something has changed!” Therefore, when the cover was withdrawn, everyone could finally see them.

Gu Xijiu seemed to realize what was going on, and her pretty face turned blue! The earthquake had entirely destroyed her stone array.She distinctly remembered that she was naked before she went into Di Fuyi’s illusion. Did everyone here see her hugging Di Fuyi without her clothes on?

Di Fuyi’s arm was around her waist, and he said two words, “Don’t worry!” He woke up very timely and was shocked to see her naked in that position. However, because things were happening too quickly, he had no time to ponder about it. He saw the surrounding stone formation was crumbling and that there were shadows were flying toward him. Therefore, he quickly set up a wizardry barrier.

Fortunately, the people around them did not see how they were tangled with each other. Otherwise, they might need to get their eyes removed.Gu Xijiu breathed a sigh of relief, but she quickly became nervous when she observed her surroundings more carefully. The entire place was in ruins!

Zhu Duqing was disappointed as he saw how intimate Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi were with one another. However, it was not the right time to care about these trivial matters. They should leave this place as soon as possible. He was well aware of that.

Di Fuyi looked around and asked, “Where is Yun Qingluo?”

Guardian Hua looked guilty. “She is dead. I killed her…”

Di Fuyi looked at him and almost understood the whole incident. He suddenly thought of something! The big earthquake here is related to Yun Qingluo’s death!

While Di Fuyi was resting with Gu Xijiu in the illusion, he heard an abnormal sound. The barrier around him then disappeared like an avalanche while he heard the crazy laughter coming from Yun Qingluo, “Di Fuyi, I will pull you down with me to my grave!” At that time, he wondered how he could possibly hear Yun Qingluo as he had trapped her. Now, he finally understood!

This poisonous swamp was the base for her evil activities. Perhaps, her soul had somehow merged with this swamp, and once she died, this swamp would be destroyed as well. As they had entered into the deepest part of the swamp, which was at least a few hundred miles away from the shore, they would not possibly be able to run out of this place.

Di Fuyi pulled Zhu Duqing toward him and said, “Open your magical door!”

Zhu Duqing was not willing to do so. “No, it takes half of my spiritual power to open it. I opened it a few days ago, and I have not recovered yet. We should run away now! We are not far from the big hole that you used to lure the crocodile in earlier.”

“It is useless for us to go there! I am afraid that the situation there would be worse than where we are right now! You must open the door!” Di Fuyi’s stance was firm.

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