Chapter 2400 Save Him

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Stunned, the female quickly lifted her head. “How did you recognize me?!” Yun Qingluo thought that she had set up the illusion remarkably well.

Di Fuyi smiled as she glared at her. “Both of you are completely different; why are you so surprised that I can recognize you?”

Initially, Di Fuyi could not recognize her. After all, it was a dream that originated from his previous sexual encounter with Gu Xijiu. Besides that, he was aware that he was just dreaming; hence, he did not find it suspicious when he saw Gu Xijiu swimming in the lake. However, he began to feel that things were strange when he was about to enter the lake.

Gu Xijiu usually dressed appropriately.She was also a rather prim and proper person; hence, she would not seduce others in such an overt manner. Of course, since he was aware that it was a dream, it was reasonable for Gu Xijiu to behave slightly differently. Therefore, he needed to test the water again to find out if he was right.

He was finally certain that it was Yun Qingluo disguising as Gu Xijiu when she addressed him as ‘Celestial Master Zuo’! Needless to say, he was shocked that Yun Qingluo managed to enter his dream.

Furthermore, he noticed that his body temperature was rising rapidly. It was the symptom of consuming an aphrodisiac! It was rather uncommon for him to be poisoned, so he tried to sense his internal body’s environment and realized his blood circulated at a high speed. He could also feel energetic worm-like creatures moving in his circulatory system. Wherever the ‘worms’ went felt swollen and hot!

Also, it was a chilly day, but he was sweating! Hence, he knew that Yun Qingluo tricked him! But how did it happen? Since Yun Qingluo’s trap had been exposed, she decided not to hide it anymore. She slowly walked over with a pair of charming eyes and asked, “Celestial Master Zuo, are you feeling uneasy?” Her rather hoarse voice was not very seductive to Di Fuyi, though it might be sweet for some perverts.

Di Fuyi replied as he watched her getting closer to him, “When did you poison me? Yun Qingluo, are you not afraid that I will shred your soul into pieces?!” His tone was gentle, but his words were ruthless.

Yun Qingluo paused for a moment; she did not dare to step closer when she thought about the seven-colored power he possessed. However, she seemed to recall something all of a sudden and chuckled. “Fuyi, I am not afraid of anything now.” She smiled evilly and continued, “Celestial Master Zuo, I just want you. I’m willing to pay any price just to have you, even if I need to trade my soul to the devils!”

Di Fuyi looked at her as if he was looking at a crazy woman. His fingers slowly grasped together with seven-colored rays glowing from his fingertips. It seemed that he was going to attack her at any time!

Yun Qingluo did not notice the danger at first but seemed to laugh slightly later. “Celestial Master Zuo, do you want to kill me? Let me tell you the truth; you can’t survive even if you kill me!”

Di Fuyi frowned. “Hmmm?”

Yun Qingluo smiled. “You must be thinking this is your dream, and you can control everything.”

“Is that not the case?” Di Fuyi asked calmly.

“Of course not! Celestial Master Zuo, this is not your dream. You are in my pre-set illusion! If you do not have the antidote, you will never wake up. You will suffer here forever.” Di Fuyi’s heart sank at the thought of being stuck here with her. He was surprised that he was tricked even though he had been very cautious.

Since Yun Qingluo had certainly executed this plan out very well, she would definitely rub it in his face. Indeed, Yun Qingluo continued, “Do you know why the poison is named ‘Irreversible’? It is because we can’t go back once it is started. No other woman can enter the illusion; hence, I’m the only one that can help you now. An expert taught me this, and I needed to trade my soul and blood as payment. He made a spell and cast it on a beast for me. The poisonous blood of the beast you slaughtered earlier had entered your body once you killed it.”

Di Fuyi asked as he was trying to clear the poison silently, “So, you used the beast earlier in order to cast the illusion on me? The one almost killed you?”

“Yes, that was it. It was so lazy to move! That is why I knew where to find it and intentionally woke it up.”

That was the trap! Yun Qingluo was indeed obsessed with getting him! “Did you not worry that I could not save you in time?”

Yun Qingluo chuckled, “I was well prepared. If you could not save me, I could escape anyway. But as it was ferocious, I knew that you would definitely kill it.”

Di Fuyi pursed his lips. Although he did not express his emotions, the sweat on his forehead showed the chaotic circumstance that he found himself in.

Yun Qingluo had a perfect plan. She knew she was still useful, and Di Fuyi would not watch her die; hence, she took the risk. But who was the psychopath who gave her such a dirty idea?! It was a potent poison. Di Fuyi was very knowledgable, so he knew that there was no way to clear the poison or even soothe the effect.

Although he tried his best to suppress it, his sweat had soaked his clothes, and his blood was circulating like a roller coaster. Yun Qingluo did not stop starring at him, and she could notice every little change in his body. She knew the power of her poison, and she knew that he could not take it. No man could!

She checked the time and realized that it was almost the perfect time for her to act. She stepped closer and spoke again, “Celestial Master Zuo, I’m the only one who can help you. Do not worry; we are just having sex in this illusion; you are not betraying her. She will never know, so don’t push me away…”

Her eyes were very seductive as her body slowly drew closer to Di Fuyi. “Are you suffering? You will be fine as long as you make love to me. You might even become more powerful than before.”

“Are you not afraid that I’ll kill you later?” Di Fuyi was sweating as he asked.

Yun Qingluo laughed out loud as she lifted her head. “I have paid my dues to get this poison. I’ll die right after we have sex, and my souls will disappear forever.”

Di Fuyi was pissed. “You are insane!”

“Celestial Master Zuo, I am crazy! I’m crazy about you! I’m willing to be your antidote; I’ll please you the way you want me too, and no one will never know…”

Yun Qingluo was like the witch who tried to persuade Xia Wa to take the forbidden fruit. Her voice words were certainly alluring to any man. “I’m fine with you imagining that I look like her. In fact, that is my physical outlook to you right now.”

As she was walking closer, Di Fuyi was sweating terribly as if he could not control his mind anymore. He contemplated his options- one was a dead end, and the other was a happy playground. Even a lunatic knew which one to choose.

Di Fuyi was very smart, and he always made wise decisions. Therefore, Yun Qingluo was very confident of the answer that he would choose.He would definitely agree with her demand! Everything would be worth it as long as they made love this one time.

Slowly, she leaned on Di Fuyi and attempted to hug him. “Celestial Master Zuo…”

A sudden change happened at this very moment! Just as she was about to place her hands on him, a seven-colored ray was launched all of a sudden that coiled around Yun Qingluo’s arms. It caused her to feel a sharp pain! When she opened her eyes, she was suspended in midair! What followed her was an icy phrase. “Yun Qingluo, you are disgusting! Get off!”

Apparently, Di Fuyi’s spell was powerful and ruthless. As she opened her eyes in midair, she noticed that her arms were torn apart from her body with blood gushing out at both ends!

Yun Qingluo was surprised that Di Fuyi could still hurt her in her own illusion. All of a sudden, there was a huge hole in the sunny sky, and she was helplessly sucked toward it. There was no way for her to return even though she tried to resist the force!

“Di Fuyi, you will die! You will die if you don’t make love to me!” She was screaming, with all of her energy!

Di Fuyi continued to push her into the giant hole. He did not even bother to respond to what she had said. The giant hole was a torturous place, and Yun Qingluo’s soul would burn in there for 49 days until it vanished forever. And, just like that, Yun Qingluo disappeared.

At this point, the poison that Yun Qingluo had used was starting to take a toll on Di Fuyi as he felt as if he was going to explode! His eyes suddenly focused on the lake, and he wanted to jump into it! However, he could not do that at that very moment. Something was strange about the lake. Perhaps, it might aggravate the situation.

He struggled to get up and began to find his way out. Half an hour later, he was still clueless. He knew it was a nightmare, but he just could not wake up. The tent was burning, the grass was hot, and even the lake was boiling. It was frustrating, and due to the extreme heat, he began to have an illusion.

Every single illusion was seductive as he saw Gu Xijiu everywhere. Initially, he could not help but rush over to hug her, only to find that she disappeared again and again. The entire experience was tormenting.It was indeed playing out the way Yun Qingluo had said. He was left there alone in that beautiful place.

Even if Gu Xijiu realized something was wrong after making the cure for herself, she could not enter the illusion to save him. The only hope now was that he wished he could enter her dream. That was still a possibility for him.

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