Chapter 2396 Who Had Been Schemed? (5)

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Before these men pledged to serve Di Fuyi, they were all people of noble status in the Devil Kingdom and were quite powerful. They were all able to stir chaos or bring order to society. Furthermore, their power allowed them to receive the latest news about anything that they wished to know.

After Di Fuyi’s thorough analysis of the situation, Guardian Jin suddenly recalled something. About 211 years ago, there was a significant incident that shook almost everyone in the Shura World to the core. It was a case that involved a large number of people- over a thousand girls went missing. All of them were of different social standings, different backgrounds, and different physical appearances. However, there were two common points that they shared. Firstly, they were all 14 years old. Secondly, their names would either contain the word Xi or Jiu.

In the end, all of their bodies were found underground. None survived. Every single one of them was skinned with their tendons and heart removed. All the witnesses from the Devil Kingdom were disgusted by what they found.

The case had always remained unsolved and was known as the biggest mystery in the Shura World. Everyone was curious about the identity of the homicidal maniac. He or she must have been really sick to commit such a terrifying and inhumane mass murder. Automatically, people presumed that the killer must be a member of the Devil Kingdom.

To Guardian Jin’s surprise, the killer was a beauty who looked so delicate and fragile. He took a look at Hua Qianyu and was reminded about one of his relatives that were taken in the mass murder. His beloved niece was killed.

Hua Qianyu’s brother then lost his mind, knowing that he had lost his daughter in the slaughter. Like every other parent who had lost their daughters, he was obsessed with tracking down the murderer. Later, however, he was found dead, with every drop of his blood drained. There was only fear in his eyes, with a hint of anger. It was an absolutely terrifying scene.

Guardian Jin looked at Yun Qingluo and was convinced that she must be a lunatic. “So, you are the murderer who skinned the girls, right? Brother Hua, you swore to find the murderer and avenge the deaths of the girls!”

Hua Qianyu found the truth very unacceptable. He looked at Yun Qingluo with disbelief and asked, “Yuanyuan, are you really the murder who skinned the girls?” He wanted to hear what she had to say, even if it was a lie.

To his dismay, Yun Qingluo looked up and gave him a wicked smile as she calmly said, “Do you know how their families died? They were shocked to death! I tortured the girls in a special chamber that was equipped with a video recording device. The detailed process of their suffering was clearly saved and replayed on one of the walls.”

The little demon that was slowly moving towards Yun Qingluo by following the bloodstains on the ground. Yun Qingluo did not seem to notice it. With a tight smile, she took a few breaths before adding, “I kept the families in a special chamber and tied them up on chairs. I then turned on the screen on the wall to replay the process when their daughters slowly died. Then, I cut their wrists so that they would lose blood and die.”

“Say no more! Shut up! You are a lunatic!” Hua Qianyu trembled in anger. He clenched his fists tightly with all his veins popping out, seemingly ready to punch her in the face anytime.

Nevertheless, Yun Qingluo just had to continue, “They would die overnight, either scared or shocked to their death, with every bit of their blood drained. As you know, when the number of killings increased, the dead would carry more and more resentment. When I bathed in their blood, I could completely erase the curse that their daughters left behind when I tortured them. It worked like magic. In this way, I could also allow their resentment to grow even stronger. The more their resentment, the more powerful the little demon.”

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