Chapter 2384 No One Can Be Compared To Me…

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The three of them finally led the giant king crocodile to the entrance of the cave. Initially, it stood at the entrance and watched as Di Fuyi and his two companions leaped into the cave. During its contemplations, it succumbed to the temptation of Yun Qingluo’s blood, and finally also jumped in.

Inside the large cave, Gu Xijiu, Zhu Duqing, and Hua Qianjun were alert and ready to attack. Hua Qianjun was a specialist in the use of poisons and was also an expert in martial arts. Having followed Di Fuyi as a subordinate, he learned about array formations from the Devil King. Among all the guards, he was the one who learned the fastest. He was almost as good as the Devil King, so every time the guards needed to set up an array formation, he was always chosen to lead it.

He believed that only a few people in the Shura world could compete with him. Therefore, when Di Fuyi left with Brother Jin and Yun Qingluo, he immediately began to ask Gu Xijiu and Zhu Duqing to listen to his commands.

Zhu Duqing had seen the formation before, and he was quite impressed with the man’s knowledge. If Gu Xijiu were not here, he might have listened to Hua Qianjun’s instructions. But now… He used the fan on his hand to point at Hua Qianjun and said, “Let my master set it up; you listen to her orders!”

Hua Qianjun was stunned; he frowned. “This is not the time to compete. The Devil King will soon bring the crocodile back. Our time is very limited. Please listen to my orders and don’t delay us.”

Zhu Duqing smiled. “Your formation is far worse than my master’s! If we listen to you, it will waste even more time!”

Hua Qianjun’s facial expression changed at this remark. He involuntarily clenched his fists. “Mr. Zhu, I know that you want to protect your master. However, please don’t turn this task into a joke. When it comes to setting up array formations, no one can be compared to me in the Shura World, other than the Devil King himself.”

“You are just braggin

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