Chapter 2383 Di Fuyi, You Didn’t Keep Your Promise!

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This knife was specially made, and the blade had a strong hemostasis effect. After the knife was pulled out, her wound did not release any drops of blood.

However, even though there was no blood on the surface, her heart was injured. When the knife was pulled out, her body suddenly swayed. It was apparent that she was really pale too.

Guardian Jin, who stood next to her, quickly held on to her. Once she regained consciousness, she suddenly pushed Guardian Jin away. She held the bag of blood in her hand and looked up at Di Fuyi. “I fulfilled your wish!”

She poured the blood on her hand, and it rolled down all the way to her foot. The smell of her blood filled the air, and there was a low roar in the depths of the blood pond. A slight tremor could be felt at that very moment. On the surface of the pond, a wave of more than ten feet tall was visible. From beneath it, a crocodile suddenly showed its giant head.

The crocodiles in the vicinity bowed down as if they just saw their king.The beast was more than ten times larger than the surrounding crocodiles. Its head was the size of a big hill, and its pair of eyes looked like two green lanterns. However, its body was not as colorful as the other crocodiles. Instead, it was red, like the sun! Also, there appeared to be a black flower in the middle of its forehead.

“Ah woooo!!!” The beast screamed, and it shook the heavens and the earth. It expanded its wings, and the red muddy water in the pond gushed all around.

“It’s the one!! Quickly, run!” Yun Qingluo shouted at the top of her lungs. She wanted to retreat, but she was severely injured and was too weak to run. Guardian Jin, who had been guarding her, was unable to reach her as he was being attacked by a Silver Ring Crocodile.

The Silver Ring Crocodile stretched out its claws and attacked him ferociously. Guardian Jin quickly rolled away to dodge its attack. But when he got up, the crocodile attacked him again. Hecould not get rid of the creature for the time being. He saw that the king of Silver Ring Crocodiles was rushing toward Yun Qingluo, but he could do nothing. He was certainly worried, and his face turned pale.

Yun Qingluo closed her eyes and sneered. She thought to herself, “Di Fuyi, you didn’t keep your promise! You said that you would protect me.”

“Shuaaaa!” A loud crashing sound was heard. She felt a sudden tightness at her waist, and she was suddenly thrown into the air. Her heart raced as she wondered what happened. She opened her eyes and found herself wrapped in purple cords.

The one who was controlling the cords was Di Fuyi. He was floating in the air, and his finger was pointing at the two crocodiles that were attacking Guardian Jin. There were two colorful lights shot toward the two crocodiles that forced them to retreat momentarily. He then shouted, “Retreat! ”

Guardian Jin took the opportunity to escape from the two crocodiles. He tried to get as close as he could to Di Fuyi, and together, they ran toward the entrance of the cave.

At that very moment, almost all the crocodiles were alarmed by the situation. There were hundreds of crocodiles hunting the three of them. The king of the Silver Ring Crocodiles led the chase.

The speed of these crocodiles was extremely fast. Hence, Di Fuyi pulled Yun Qingluo with him as fast as he could. Yun Qingluo was still wrapped in the purple cords and felt like a flag being blown by strong winds. Even though Di Fuyi kept his word, it was easy to see that there was a feeling of disappointment in her eyes. It seemed that he did not even want to touch her, despite the fact that she had kept her word. “Di Fuyi, you are too cruel!” She thought to herself.

Yun Qingluo seemed to have spoken the truth earlier. The crocodiles did leave their territory but only up to 1000 feet.Therefore, after the three people were more than 1000 feet away from the swamp, the crocodiles turned back. In the end, only the biggest Silver Ring Crocodile continued the journey. Its two big lantern-like eyes were staring at Yun Qingluo, who was still trapped in Di Fuyi’s purple cords. Its eyes were getting red.

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