Chapter 2382 This Woman Is Crazy!

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Brother Jin was stunned by her statement. Did Di Fuyi intend to extract blood from the heart of the princess? He looked at Di Fuyi silently, trying to assess the situation.

Di Fuyi seemed calm. “You can extract your blood normally. I will protect you.”

When he was talking, there were already seven or eight Silver Ring Crocodiles rushing toward their direction! The shrieking sounds were frightening! These crocodiles were massive in size, but as agile as wolves. They appeared to be able to fly from their blood-red wings that emerged from their bodies.

Di Fuyi leaped to higher ground and faced them head-on as he said, “You won’t have much time left to live.” Then, a battle ensued. Colorful lights shone around them, which made it appear as though the clouds were turbulent.

Yun Qingluo looked up at him for a moment. That purple shadow that was dashing around the place was someone that she had tried very hard to get close to over the past year. It seemed as though she was shortchanged, however.

When he had questioned her about the cure, he was dressed as Celestial Master Zuo. Being too captivated, she blurted out the truth without a second thought. However, the man changed back into his black attire right after she answered him.She thought that he was wearing it to make her happy so that she was more willing to draw blood from her heart. But over time, she realized that it was all for Gu Xijiu.

She raised her hand and pulled out an icy looking thin blade.There was a tube with a thick silver needle on the back of the knife. This knife would only release the blood from her heart if it were angled into the heart correctly. If the blade were used appropriately, there would not be any damage to the individual’s body or circulatory system.

Unsurprisingly, the blade was a gift to her from Di Fuyi. He said that this was the utmost compassion that he could show her. Perhaps, it was true that a man’s heart was cold and ruthless.He could disregard the life of his savior without a second thought, just for another woman.

It was unfortunate for Yuanyuan that her heart still longed for him despite all these circumstances.She untied her robes, revealing most of her chest. Guardian Jin was standing next to her, and he quickly moved his eyes away and turned his body slightly. This was the best angle that he could position himself in order to protect her and not look at her.

“Di Fuyi!” Yun Qingluo suddenly screamed; her voice was sharp and fierce. It startled Guardian Jin, and the sword in his hand almost fell to the ground.

In the sky, Di Fuyi was busy holding off the crocodiles. He thought that she was in danger and finally looked at her from above. He saw her chest exposed even through the red mist. He frowned.

Here, the poisonous mist was still potent. Once an individual’s skin was exposed, it would be eroded by the toxic fog. Therefore, Di Fuyi specially requested Zhu Duqing to make a small alteration to the clothes worn by Yun Qingluo.

At the left chest position of the clothes, there was an alteration to allow a thin knife to enter and exit. It was usually tightly sealed but could be adjusted. In order to take the blood from her heart, Yun Qingluo only needed to open a small part of her suit without exposing her skin.

However, Yun Qingluo was probably out of her mind right now. She had removed the entire suit.Was she looking for death? Did she want to commit suicide here so that Gu Xijiu would have to die together with her? This woman was crazy!

Di Fuyi’s eyes darkened. He had just attacked a crocodile and was about to go to Yun Qingluo to try to stop her. He could see that the knife he gave her was already inserted into her body. Although it had penetrated her skin, there was no blood on the surface. However, one could see a trail of blood dripping from the knife and into Yun Qingluo’s palm.

She pulled the knife out once she drew enough blood to fill a bottle of wine.

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