Chapter 2381 Being Pampered (3)

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Hua Qianjun’s heart ached for her, but he did not know how to make her feel better. All he could do was to stay close to support her and keep her safe.

“Are you tired? Can I give you a hand with anything?”

“Thank you, but there is no need,” she responded with a smile. She was finally able to control her emotions. The more she tried to look happy, the more he sympathized with her.

They kept their voices very low, so the rest of the team could barely hear anything from their conversation. The sounds of wind and running water in the cave made their voices almost inaudible.

Di Fuyi, who was still leading the way, suddenly smiled and shook his head. Gu Xijiu was busy checking the source of the running water when she caught Di Fuyi smiling. “What are you smiling at?” She asked.

Di Fuyi waved his sleeve and proudly said, “Don’t you think I look better when I smile?”

Gu Xijiu remained silent.She decided to pretend as if she never asked. The journey had been quite pleasant so far, and about two hours later, they finally arrived at the deepest part of the swamp.

The land was very spacious, almost as vast as the size of a football field. The gigantic beast must have spent some time here, rolling and wandering around before making its exit.

There was a pathway that could lead them back up to the surface. They could not see the end but could hear the sound of the beasts growling from above.

“Right above is the nest of the Silver Ring Crocodiles. Should I go by myself to lure the crocodile here, or are you coming with me?” She gazed at Di Fuyi intensely.

Without hesitating, Di Fuyi answered, “I will go with you.”

“Let’s go.” Yun Qingluo acknowledged his response with a firm nod.

Di Fuyi proceeded to give one of his guards an order, “You will proceed with the princess.” Then, he looked at Hua Qianjun and said, “You will stay behind with Miss Gu and Mr. Zhu.”

Hua Qianjun decided to oppose, “Your highness, my knowledge in the use of poisons is definitely better than Brother Jin’s. Let me go up there with you and let Brother Jin stay behind.”

Di Fuyi answered with a tight smile, “Are you trying to go against my command?”

A simple reply was able to make Hua Qianjun feel completely hopeless. “My apologies, your highness. I shall do as told.”

Di Fuyi glared at him. He wanted to say something else but decided against it.

Gu Xijiu suddenly offered, “I should go with you so that we can take care of each other.” She could use her teleportation skill if anything went wrong, and get all of them to safety in time.

Di Fuyi disagreed. “No, you should stay here and wait for the upcoming attack. Three of us are more than enough to lure the crocodile.”

Despite some hesitation, Gu Xijiu decided to do as planned.

Upon reaching the surface, the three of them confirmed that it was really the nest of the Silver Ring Crocodiles. Many crocodiles of varying sizes were submerged in red mud, revealing only the surface of their heads that were slightly above water.

These creatures had the face of a crocodile, but the body of a hippopotamus! They were easily the size of an elephant! If all of them moved simultaneously, the ground would undoubtedly tremor.

As soon as the three people from the group were visible, the crocodiles were immediately drawn to them. Their emerald eyes gazed at them while they cautiously approached. The three team members could easily ascertain that these poisonous beasts ruled the entire swamp. They possessed an intimidating aura that prevented any other creature from getting close.

The guard who accompanied them, Jin, was an experienced fighter but was still anxious about the crocodiles. However, Yun Qingluo did not seem to be afraid at all. She stood confidently next to Di Fuyi. “Brother, are you sure that you will not regret any of this? Are you that cold-blooded to risk my life to get the cure?” She asked while locking her eyes on him.

Di Fuyi did not hesitate at all when he responded, “This is your only chance of redemption.”

Yun Qingluo closed her eyes and murmured, “I may die after drawing blood from my heart.”

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