Chapter 2380 Being Pampered (2)

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As for now, they could tell that the princess was unusually quiet. She did not talk much like the way she used to do. Her complexion was as pale as a sheet, so they could not help but sympathize with her.

Men were born with a natural instinct to protect the weak. The two escorts saw how vulnerable the princess was and felt drawn to protect her. At times, they would try to do as she asked, just to make her feel better.

They took a look at the Devil King and Gu Xijiu, who were walking side by side with one another. Then, they looked to Yun Qingluo, who was so weak that she looked as though she would tumble down the passage at any time. They were sad for her.

One of them, whose name was Hua Qianjun, was more emotionally affected than the other guard.Hua Qianjun knew a lot about the use of poisons. Also, he possessed great Kung Fu, so he ended up becoming one of the closest men that fought alongside Di Fuyi. He was very loyal to his king.

He had feelings for the princess and was her secret admirer. He had never expressed his affections for her before. Often, he took care of her needs without others knowing, just to make her life better. He knew how determined the princess was during this trip. She must be fatigued but insisted on keeping in line and walking alone without any help. She walked with her head up, but it hurt him just to see her acting so strong.

When he saw Gu Xijiu stomping on Di Fuyi shoe before, he was quite surprised that Di Fuyi was not concerned about his dirtied shoe and was, on the contrary, quite happy about it. Their conversation continued in laughter. Di Fuyi had even placed his hand on Gu Xijiu’s waist.

Hua Qianjun heaved a heavy sigh. He knew the Devil King very well. Di Fuyi was obsessed with hygiene and was reluctant to have anyone getting too close to him, especially women. Although he was kind to the princess, it was only in the form of material comfort. He had never gotten too close to her. Princess Yuanyuan tried to get his attention by holding on to his arm, but all of her attempts ended with the same rejection.

At one point in time, the courtiers actually thought that the Devil King had a different sexual orientation. But later, they realized that he was not interested in men either.Therefore, they assumed that the Devil King was actually born without any emotions or need for intimacy. Even if he got married to a woman, they believed that he would hardly spend any time with her. The only way that he would treat the Devil Queen was with respect and proper distance.

Seeing the Devil King’s change of attitude when Gu Xijiu was around had changed their minds. The Devil King had never been so close and so playful with any other woman. He seemed always to want to have physical contact with her.

The Devil King was clearly in love. None of his restrictions and conditions applied to her. Hence, the princess’s affection was destined to be unreturned. Other than sympathizing with the princess, he was actually feeling quite hopeful for himself.

“Princess, are you hungry? I have fruit,” he offered while handing her the fruit.

The fruit was a celestial fruit. It was a gift by Di Fuyi as a reward for his contributions. The fruit tasted good and had the ability to strengthen one’s spiritual power. He had been keeping it for a long time and decided to give it away to Yun Qingluo.

Surprised, Yun Qingluo gazed at him with her watery eyes that were clouded with tears. His heart skipped a beat as soon as he noticed the hopelessness that she could barely hide.

She shook her head and said politely, “Thank you, but I am not hungry.”

Her voice was trembling, but she tried hard to resist the urge to cry. Under her mask, he could see her lips that were pursed tightly into a thin line. Her pale face contained almost no colors at all.

Hua Qianjun could not help but comfort her, “Princess, actually… There are still plenty of men out there.”

Yun Qingluo gave him a tight smile and answered, “I… I know.” She must be crying. Tears started to stain the layer of thin gauze on her face. She tried to wipe the tears that kept flowing out from her eyes. Then, she turned around to hide her embarrassment from Hua Qianjun.

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