Chapter 2377 Working Together (6)

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The beast was initially ecstatic as it thought it was getting a ‘buy one free one’ deal; however, its upper chest was penetrated before it could swallow any of them. It was in pain and anger. Hence, it came out from hiding and blocked everyone’s way.

It had colorful scales on its body; yet, it looked strange and ferocious. Besides that, it seemed to be quite lazy as it stayed at the same spot for an extended time. Instead of hunting, it seemed to wait for its prey.

Occasionally, when some harmful beasts passed by its mouth, they would be caught by its tongue and become its food. Unfortunately, it had a bad day today. Two of the guardians from the Devil Palace brought Yun Qingluo to a safer place and helped her up to her feet. When she had steadied herself, one of the guardians guarded her while the other one rushed over to the scene.

The beast looked extremely ferocious, but it was not very nimble when it fought. It could only defend itself with its thick and rough skin. Its strongest weapon was its three tongues. However, any expert in Kung Fu would not be eaten as long they were cautious enough during the battle.

Apparently, Di Fuyi was better than expected; coupled with the help of his guardian, it was a guaranteed win for this battle. As expected, the beast was defeated in just 15 minutes. Di Fuyi sliced its throat with a sword, and it slumped on the floor. When it seemed lifeless, the guardian who worked together with Di Fuyi kicked the dead body. “It looks ferocious but was completely useless.”

Before he finished talking, Di Fuyi shouted, “Retreat!” He pushed the guardian backward! Almost at the same time, the dead body exploded like a bomb! It was just like a firecracker explosion.

A minute later, the guardian slowly got up from the ground and tried to clean all the flesh that was splattered on his body. He puked. “What’s this? It exploded even after it is dead!” He was the nearest to the venomous beast, so it might not have only been splashes of flesh and blood from the creature if Di Fuyi did not push him away in time.

Even though Gu Xijiu had struggled out from Di Fuyi’s arms earlier, he managed to rush to her in time and pull her into his embrace when the explosion occurred. He protected her with his body and even covered her ears. Therefore, she only heard a soft burst, and she did not see anything.

His embrace was as warm as usual, and she felt a warmth in her heart when she was tightly embraced in his arms. She almost wrapped her arms around his waist too.Fortunately, she managed to stop her urge and struggled out from his embrace, like how she used to do.

She took a glimpse of Yun Qingluo and noticed that the guardian protected her, and she managed to avoid the explosion. However, she was slightly slow and got splashed by some blood. Thus, she was busy cleaning herself. Although her face was covered by a mask and Gu Xijiu could not see her facial expressions, her fingers were shaking, and she seemed to be affected.

Gu Xijiu shifted her gaze away and silently pondered. She wondered if Yun Qingluo was miserable.When she turned back, she found Zhu Duqing pursing his lips as he stared at her. She coughed softly and shifted her gaze away only to find Di Fuyi pondering as he walked around the dead body. He turned around and asked Yun Qingluo, “Do you know what it is?”

Yun Qingluo held her breath and shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Di Fuyi asked Gu Xijiu, “Do you know?”

Gu Xijiu also shook her head. There were too many unknown species in the swamp, including that venomous beast.

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