Chapter 2376 Working Together (5)

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The seemingly red light from before was actually a tongue. The beast behind the tongue was usually very aggressive and violent. Even without its tongue, it would have no intention of letting Yun Qingluo go. It was ready to swallow her at any opportunity.

The two escorts tried to respond to the situation to save their princess. However, to their surprise, another red light flashed by and forced them to retreat. Meanwhile, Yun Qingluo was on the verge of being swallowed alive before aseven-colored light came to the rescue; it was from Di Fuyi. He thought he was able to force the creature to let go of Yun Qingluo with one strike, but it was not the case. He could only take down one of the creatures.

Yun Qingluo must not die. Hence, without a second thought, he rushed into the mouth of the creature that held Yun Qingluo hostage. Before the creature sealed its mouth, Di Fuyi was able to take Yun Qingluo’s hand. He launched another strike with his left arm and aimed it exactly at the tongue that Yun Qingluo was unfortunately tangled with.

Blood splashed out like a fountain while the creature was clearly in pain as it loosened its tongue. Di Fuyi seized the brief window and pulled Yun Qingluo out of its mouth, forcibly. He then pushed her away to the escorts, who tried to keep her balance.

Di Fuyi’s entire body was already halfway in the creature’s mouth. He managed to get Yun Qingluo out but was unable to free himself. In a fit of rage, the mouth full of sharp teeth was closing up. Fortunately, Di Fuyi was very agile. He would not let himself die, though he was unable to escape. With a leap, he rolled into the creature’s big mouth. Then, before its mouth was completely sealed, he raised his sword and quickly stood it tall to prevent the beast from closing its mouth. There was a slight gap, so he quickly escaped through it.

Gu Xijiu raised her arms and grabbed him before using her teleportation skill. In the blink of an eye, they were already ten feet away from the creature. Di Fuyi looked up and saw a pair of pitch-black eyes staring back at him.

Trembling, Gu Xijiu asked, “Are you trying to kill yourself?” She screamed at him at a very high pitch, fueled by her frustration. Then, she quickly studied him to see if he was hurt. There was no apparent injury, so she decided to read his pulse to see if he was suffering any internal injuries. His pulse was not faltering, so he must be okay.

Relieved, she could finally feel her legs shaking involuntarily. She cared about him; there was no doubt about that. His impulsive act had scared her.

Gratefully, Di Fuyi held her hand in his and reassured, “Have I scared you? Don’t worry. I am fine.”

Gu Xijiu then realized that she had been a little dramatic, so she pulled her hand back and tried to sound unemotional. “You are overthinking. I only hope that none of my teammates are hurt.”

She was indeed stubborn. Unfortunately, her immediate reactions had completely sold her out before. With a tug, Di Fuyi took her in his arms and gave her a tight squeeze. Softly, he whispered into her ear, “I am not overthinking.” He then added, “You really do care about me. You may deny it as much as you want, but I know that you care.”

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say. She was not very comfortable with his flirtatious behavior, as there was still another woman waiting for him over there. Was he trying to put up a show?

Nonetheless, her heart throbbed with excitement, and she could not think straight. This time, he released her before she even asked. With a gentle tap on her shoulder, he said, “Wait for me right here. I will go and kill the wild animal.”

He took a quick leap and raced towards the venomous, gigantic beast that resembled a seven-colored dinosaur. The beast was in a rage as it had been hiding in the bushes for some time in an attempt to capture and swallow Yun Qingluo alive but to no benefit. Instead, it had to suffer an injury.

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