Chapter 2370 The Poisonous Swamp (7)

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Some of these centipedes were surprisingly smart. Instead of trying to go through the net, they buried their heads into the ground and dug a way in from below. They were going after Yun Qingluo. The wizardry barrier on the ground was not as secure as the net.

Yin Qingluo knew that the centipedes would get her soon enough. Once stung, the wound would cause so much agony that Yun Qingluo would rather die. She knew about the harm that the centipedes were capable of doing, so she could not help but scream in fear.

Chaotically, the two escorts from the palace were unable to take care of her needs at the moment.

“I can help you to get rid of these centipedes, but you must promise me one thing in return!” Gu Xijiu stood on a tree nearby and offered them a deal.

Shocked, the escorts were unable to tell who she really was, for her entire body was covered in the suit. They gasped in surprise while trying to find out her identity. They dared not act impulsively, as they believed that she must be someone powerful to be here in the poisonous swamp.

Before the Devil King left, he told the men to take care of the princess and make sure that she was safe from any harm. Therefore, the escorts were determined to fight the centipedes despite knowing that they would not be able to hold on much longer.

“Who are you? Why should we trust you?” One of the escorts asked while fending off the centipedes.

Without hesitating, Gu Xijiu used her teleportation skill and arrived promptly next to him. She released a fiery red needle and aimed it directly at one of the centipedes that were eagerly attacking the man.

The needle did not penetrate the shield of the centipede but was able to keep it back. Trembling in frailty, the creature immediately retreated a few feet away. It waved its tentacles around in surrender and ran away. Apparently, the centipedes were afraid of the needle.

The escorts were convinced. “Under what condition?”

“Let my friend have a quick change in the safety net. We only require a brief moment.”

Gu Xijiu told them her terms. Zhu Duqing then made his appearance for the first time. Although his face was concealed under a mask, the feather fan in his hand was his signature item. The escorts of the palace immediately recognized him, though they had never met before.

They had heard about Gu Xijiu’s teleportation skill before from their comrades. Also, the Devil King had once reminded them about Gu Xijiu.

As soon as they knew who they were, they immediately agreed to her terms. However, they also voiced out their concerns. “We agree to the deal. However, the safety net belongs to the Devil King, and we have no way to open it. If Mr. Zhu would like to enter and have a quick change, you would have to wait until the Devil King returns.”

“There is no need. I can open it.” Gu Xijiu added, “I only need you to cooperate.”

In the interest of time, the men decided not to go against her request. As soon as both parties agreed to the terms, Gu Xijiu had nothing to worry about. She took a leap and went into the core of the group of emerging centipedes. With a few flicks, she scattered some powder towards the creatures.

The centipedes quickly ran away. They were allergic to the powder the same way snakes were allergic to sulfur. In the blink of an eye, all the centipedes were already gone, and tranquility returned to the place.

The two escorts were very impressed by what she could do. Quickly, they invited Gu Xijiu into the net. When she was still with Di Fuyi, he once told her the proper way to create an opening and enter the safety net. It was an easy task for her.

Once the net was open, Yun Qingluo could be seen walking out from it. She held her head up high like an arrogant princess. “It is you! Gu Xijiu, I hate you!” She said sternly.

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