Chapter 2368 The Poisonous Swamp (5)

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The swamp here was very different from any other waterlogged ground. Usually, a swamp represented a greyish landscape that was waterlogged and muddy. Bushes were present at the sides, occasionally.

However, in the depths of the poisonous swamp, all they could observe was the vivid colors of the land, just like the seven-colored pool found in the hidden valley of the Huang Long Mountain. It was a glorious view filled with an array of colors.

Despite the beautiful sight, wisps of colorful and yet poisonous smoke would emerge from the ground every now and then. Like people always said, the more beautiful something seemed, the more dangerous it was.

The colorful fog was very poisonous, just like the creatures that lingered in it. As soon as Zhu Duqing expressed his heartfelt concern over Gu Xijiu, a ‘rainbow’ suddenly emerged out of thin air.

The ‘rainbow’ was a few feet long, with a head as big as the bottom of a round flask. Its fangs were as gigantic as an elephant’s tusks while its pair of eyes was shining brightly under the sun. The look in its eyes was so dark that it seemed like a void that could capture one’s soul if he or she gazed into them long enough.

The odd ‘rainbow’ resembled a python, with an additional eight tentacles on each side of its body. The tentacles were full of tiny little openings, like countless mouths that each had their own fangs. It was also very agile. As soon as it marked its targets, it launched forward and started attacking the duo with poisonous gas.

Amid the thick layer of poisonous gas that was headed their way, there were many poisonous needles inside it as well. It was like an unstoppable storm was headed their way.

Zhu Duqing took a step forward and moved Gu Xijiu behind him. “Don’t worry. These poisonous needles cannot penetrate our suits.” The man was so confident that he only used the feather fan in his hand to cover up his face. The rest of his body was exposed to the needles. Fortunately, upon contact, the needles turned intosmoke and disappeared.

After a round of poisonous needles disintegrating into thin air, Du Zhuqing seemed quite proud of his creation. “These poisonous needles can never affect me!”

Before he was finished with his sentence, Gu Xijiu suddenly took his wrist in a tight grip as she urged, “Let’s go! Quickly!” She quickly used her teleportation and fled with Zhu Duqing.

The environment here was full of danger almost everywhere, so Gu Xijiu dared not simply use her teleportation. One mistake and they could both end up in the mouth of a beast. Therefore, she chose to use her teleportation skill and went back to where they came from.The monster did not follow them. There was no way it could find them when she used her teleportation skill.

From a distance, they could hear the monster’s long howl, as if crying out in fury. The sound was so loud that the ground started to tremble a little.

“There is no need for us to hide. The poisonous needles cannot do anything to us.” Zhu Duqing sighed.

Gu Xijiu interrupted him, “Quick! Take off the suit!”

“Ah?” Zhu Duqing was obviously taken by surprise. His heart skipped a beat as soon as he heard her sudden demand.

Soon, he realized what was really happening. Some parts of the suit must have been compromised, he thought. He could feel that the area around his tummy was somewhat chilly. That area of the suit hadunfortunately corroded while other parts of his suit were slowly corroding, too.Fortunately, he was wearing another layer of inner robes. Otherwise, he would have to strip off all of his clothes and be naked.

Although the poisonous needles from the monster were not able to penetrate the suit, the poison was acidic enough to destroy his suit. The corrosion did not seem to slow down, and soon, his inner robes were corroding as well.

Panicked, Zhu Duqing had no time to care about his image. He quickly took the suit off and used a cloth to wipe away the corroding part of his inner robes, in hopes to wipe away the remaining poison.

The cloth in his hand corroded as well when he was desperately trying to clean his robes. If he had not tossed it away sooner, his hand would be corroded, too. The affected parts of his robes were starting to change color too. He had to take off his inner robes.

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